Hows it going my brothers and sisters of the leaf ? Today I'm starting my blog here and welcome any comments or tips. I call my blog, Everyday - Cigars because I have a cigar everyday and I'm always looking for well priced but very good cigars. You know cigars you can smoke everyday. With all that being said let me tell all you about one of my favorite cigars this year. 

 Fausto by Pete Johnson and the crew at Tatuaje

 The cigar comes in four sizes FT127 5x54, FT140 5.5x52, FT153 6x50, and the FT166 6.5x48. They are wrapped with a Ecuador Habano Maduro that is dark rich looking with some small veins that don't hinder the burn or smoke. The binder and filler are Nicaraguan, and I've tried all the sizes with the FT 140 and the FT 153 being my favorite. I first tried these cigars back in August of this year and wasn't blown away at first. In fact I was not sold at all. But for some unknown reason I would find myself lighting up one at least once a week. I think there was a part of me that wanted to like these cigars. Anyway recently I've had to admit they are becoming a go to smoke for me . Priced in the 8 to 9 dollar range they are not going to break you. They are a meaty smoke that I find best after a filling meal in the evening. Not your cup of coffee morning smoke for sure. The cigar is adorned with a simple small red and black band that gives them an old world look. Seems to be a Pete Johnson thing that I happen to like. When you dry draw the cigar I get chocolate, spice and a touch of leather. When I light the cigar I'm greeted with a  mouthful of smoke and a real nice draw. The smoke is strong with good oils but not so strong as to knock your socks off. As I smoke this cigar I'm treated to alot of different flavor profiles, hints of bitter chocolate, small amounts of nutmeg, leather and even a hint of dried fruit such as prune, or cherry. The smoke keeps these flavors throughout but takes on a stronger wood and leather tone in the last third of the cigar. The ash is firm and solid from start to finish and the draw stays nice to the end. I think this cigar is best enjoyed in the evening after a dinner of roasted lamb or beef. I have enjoyed these cigars with espresso, dark beer, and good California red wines. I've even noticed that this cigar can make fruit forward jammy red wines that are just ok, smoother and seem more refined. I think this cigar would and will age well and become even more complex. That is if you can keep yourself from smoking them up. Pete Johnson has a very sharp palet and isn't about to back off pushing the norm without losing the feel and taste of being a cigar's cigar.  If you haven't then I suggest you make this a cigar to put on your " Must Try " list. I think you will be happy.

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