Esoterica Tobacciana makes some of the most sought after pipe tobacco in the world. If you head to Google, and do a quick search, you will quickly find most of their blends are completely sold out.


Stonehaven is one of Esoterica’s most popular blends. Stonehaven is a pressed flake make from Virgina and Burley tobaccos.


Review time!

Esoterica Stonehaven

Brand: Esoterica Tobacciana

How Packaged: 8 OZ bags

Style: V/Bur

Tobacco Used: Virginia and Burley

Casing: None

Cut: Flake

Bowls Smoked: Two Bowls

Date Purchased/Obtained: 12/15/2014

Storage Method: Mason jar

Pipe(s) Used: Savinelli Caramella and DE Tsuge

Price Point: $49.99 per bag

Purchased: Obtained in an r/cigars pass


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Tin/Jar Note: Notes of figs, plum, chocolate, and candy sweetness. The blend says there isn’t a casing/topping used, but believe something is added. I haven’t come across a natural tobacco which smells like this. I could be way off base, but it seems likely.

Tobacco Strength: Medium +

Room Note: Enjoyable

Flavors: It is a tasty blend. There are notes of chocolate, plum, and leather. It is super complex. I would almost compare it to the Crowned Heads Four Kicks. The Four Kicks is a super complex and multi-dimensional cigar, but you really have to put your blinders on and slow down to enjoy it.

Smoking Experience: Not bad. I am still “finding my own” when it comes to preparing flakes, but the Stonehaven was pretty easy to rub out. Lighting took a bit of time, since the Stonehaven was still a tad damp out of the Mason jar. Once I got it going, the Stonehaven burned like a champ. The maximum enjoyment will come from "sipping" Stonehaven.

Conclusion: It was great. Stonehaven was rich, complex, and extremely tasty. The biggest downfall for this blend is how hard it is to get. I really hate the fact that it sells out in one day and then you will pay out of your ass on the secondary market to get it.

The one thing about Stonehaven which impressed me was the finish. Most pipe tobaccos have a pretty dirty finish and can leave your mouth feeling like you ate rat turds. The Stonehaven finished clean.

Rating: Four Stars AKA “Keep in the Rotation

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Comment by Docwill on April 8, 2015 at 8:38am

This does sound like an interesting blend even though I tend to stay away from burley heavy blends.

Comment by Jason Meyers on April 8, 2015 at 2:09pm

I've always wanted to try this but it is very hard to obtain. Hopefully one of these days I can get my hands on some. It sounds good and probably worth it if I can find some for MSRP based on your review.


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