Pre-Release Review: D'Crossier L'Forte Genio

The D’Crossier was a new brand to me at the IPCPR 2014. A brand under Pure Aroma Cigars, they are based out of Miami and manufactured in Costa Rica under Isaias Santana Diaz.

The L’Forte is planned for a September release which will be annually limited to 2,000 boxes. Available in four vitolas; Robusto (4-7/8 x 50), Genio (5-1/8 x 55), Bullet (5-1/8 x 58), Trabuco (5-1/8 x 60). 

D'Crossier L'Forte

Vitola: Genio

Size: 5-1/8” x 55 ring gauge

Wrapper: Costa Rican

Binder: Unknown

Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan

Cigars Smoked for this Review: One per Reviewer

Price Point: Not available at time of review

Cigar Purchased: Manufacturers samples IPCPR 2014

Quick Note: For this review we used Logan’s rating system. You can view it in detail here.


Overall Cigar Federation Review: 91 AKA “Box Split”

“The L’Forte’s flavor profile is a blockbuster. I knew this was going to be a box split as soon as I hit the halfway point of the first third.”


John’s Review – 91 AKA “Box Split”

The nose on the L’Forte is sweet wet leather with hints of white pepper. There’s a very subtle smell I struggled to identify, almost remnants of whipping cream.

The first starts off with light dry cedar and pepper that is subtle and starts to build as I proceed. The initial profile is excellently balanced. The leather I was picking up on the nose is present but subtle, which I find to be unusual in most profiles. I’m picking up the pepper along with sweetness much more on the retrohale, but it isn’t overwhelming. The finish on each draw is so clean. Every flavor is striking its specific note and then fading away.

I’m catching myself from smoking too fast as I’m really getting into it as I close on the middle third. There’s some barnyard and again as in the nose, a subtle flavor I can’t identify approaching a watered down cream soda.

The second third starts off with a spicy cedar that lingers on the palate. I liken it to a spicy rich curry. There is some real tobacco strength hitting home now. The spice drops off after the middle establishes itself and morphs into a creaminess with light floral notes. It’s become quite sweet and bright by the time it moves into the last third.

The final third and I’m really feeling some full body tobacco now, without losing any of the flavor complexity. The cedar ends up dominating here so that the last third isn't quite as complex as the first and second.

The L’Forte’s flavor profile is a blockbuster. I knew this was going to be a box split as soon as I hit the halfway point of the first third. I’m going to have to immediately seek out other cigars from D’Crossier to see how they compare.

You need to pick some up and try for yourself.



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Comment by 302JH (Jose) on August 26, 2014 at 11:12pm

I had a Golden Blend once.  Looking forward to trying these 


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