Coffee and Conny Reviews: Chapter Three

For those of you that have not followed this column, the first two installments are at under Coffee and Conny Reviews: Chapter One and Two. Basically, I love coffee, and I love cigars, so I figured I should explore the pair and perfect the two together.  Since I normally review with ice water for no palate interaction, I keep these reviews quick and to the point.  In my attempts to determine which pairs work best together, I have found sipping pre-draw and post-draw influence the palate in different ways.  I cannot say I have determined which regions of tobacco pair well with specific roasts, but I feel over time I should start to determine patterns and make educated recommendations.  For now, every review refines my palate and helps me determine the best Connecticut's on the market.

Coffee Employed:

  • Filling Station is a local drive through boasting fresh roasted, organic, free trade beans. I lived around the corner and survived on this coffee for years. Their beans are some of the best I have sampled over the years and I always grab two pounds when I am nearby. For these reviews, I employed their French Roast, which is extremely dark, oily, and bold – easily one of the darkest beans I have ever enjoyed. The other blend was either their Sonoma or Guatemalan bean, the latter being the strongest medium blend with regard to brews I have found locally roasted. Sadly, they have no website, but if you ever travel through Bakersfield and are a coffee addict, they are right off the 99 freeway on the 178 East.
  • Covenant Coffee is a local roasting house I found off a friend’s recommendation.  The following is from their website: “Covenant Coffee is the home of Covenant Roasting. Both coffee endeavors are programs of Covenant Community Services, Inc. (Covenant). Covenant Coffee was launched with three goals 1) to provide our community with freshly roasted coffee beans roasted with excellence, 2) to train former foster youth in the art of coffee roasting and business, and 3) to provide a career for former youth in an exciting and uplifting environment.” You can order their beans online, and for these reviews, I employed either Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, or a Malawi bean, both being light roasted. I will definitely be exploring the wide variety of beans they offer in the future, and you can order them here:

              Room 1o1 Corona

              Recently I found a local roasting company that has several single region beans and roasting levels to choose from, so I grabbed a couple pounds of light roasts as I have traditionally bought medium-dark roasts.  I have determined that lighter roasts tend to cleanse the palate really well, and in this case, the Malawi was a perfect pair with the Room 101.  My mouth was a little blasted from a hot sauce drenched breakfast, so the light spice in my notes may be a result of the habanero sauce.  The retro was very smooth, mild pepper notes, and a very clean finish on the first third.  The second third was mellow and with a sweet, buttery, creaminess picking up toward the final.  The citrus notes of the coffee seemed to intermingle with the cigar on my palate creating such a wonderful finish, I really lost track of both and just enjoyed the moment.  My thoughts on this cigar, is the Room 101 Connecticut is an excellent morning smoke and is perfect for a light-medium roast.  This cigar is too light for a dark roast, and I would think the lack of depth in the cigar might be overshadowed in that case.  Being a huge fan of Matt Booth’s creations, I am not surprised I loved it. Sometimes I forget to review cigars due to the enjoyment, this was one of those cases, so I apologize for the lack of detail, the 101 rocked.


              AKA Solace Cloud Nine

              Talk about a letdown of sorts...  Rob sent me one of these with some review smokes, and unfortunately, I found it had been reviewed several times on  I was bummed as I had heard good things, so when the move to cfed came up, I figured it was time to burn this puppy and be the first to review it here.  The dry draw reminded me of Honey Nut Cheerios, and the coffee employed was the Yirgacheffe.  The first third provided light spices, hints of honey and graham cracker, with a cedar note as the main flavor.  The retro was very easy and leaned on the dry side with hints of vanilla.  Light nuts and sweetness arrived in the second third, and the light beans are perfect with sweet cream.  The finish was surprisingly long, and I was kicking myself for not smoking this earlier.  The finale had the initial Cheerios notes and I had concluded this was one of the best Connecticut’s I have smoked.  I highly recommend this cigar to anyone, and look forward to exploring this line for future reviews. 


             San Latano Connecticut Lancero

             Normally if I do not like a larger ring gauge (RG) of a certain blend, I tend to enjoy the smaller RG involving a blend I might enjoy.  I was not a fan of the larger RG San Latano Connecticut, but figured I would give the lancero a shot, as my buddy Drew sent it to me as a gift. Did I mention it is 80 degrees, the birds are chirping, blossoms blooming, and I got nothing to do today?  The dry draw was all fruity sweetness, which immediately blasted my senses upon first draw.  Cedar, dry nuts, and a retro with enough kick to wake the senses welcomed the breakfast Guatemalan blend on my palate from The filling Station.  Specifically, the coffee is best post draw; otherwise, it mutes the flavors a bit.  The middle third mellowed and the coffee tended to overpower it at times, but the finish of both stayed clean on my palate.  The final third demanded a latte, so I ran inside and whipped up a sweet cream latte, and created a heavenly match.  The cedar and nuts dominated the finale, and I would say this cigar is a hit.  I would be surprised to find any smoker that might not like this blend, from rookies to Cuban snobs, the San Latano delivers.

             Final Thoughts: Spend a little more, and you get a bit more out of your morning smoke.  The most important part of this pairing is not burning the palate out, and with all three of these, I was very impressed.  The AKA was the best of the three, but all three were fantastic, and I will buy all of them again.  I have determined that lighter roasts tend to do really well with this pairing, as the bright citrus notes seem to cleanse the palate very well.  In some cases, taking a sip pre-draw changes the experience all together and may change up what flavors pop from the cigar.  Chapter Four is coming soon, along with more single region beans of different roasts.  I plan on cataloging which pairs worked with light or dark roasts, and noting the regions, to see if I can find a correlation after multiple reviews.

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Comment by 007MI6 on April 23, 2013 at 8:27am

Nice! I had the Solace right after the release and it was the first Connie that I actually liked. Enjoyed it so much, that I bought a whole box of Cloud Nine. The Destiny wasn't bad, but not as good as the Cloud Nine. Next I am going to find some of the lanceros and see how those go. :)

Comment by Catfishbluezz on April 24, 2013 at 8:01am

Yeah bro, I was very impressed with the Solace and I'm a conny fag...  I love them man, so I am a bit picky on which one's I like.  All three were very impressive, but the Solace was one of my all time favorites.  I am interested to explore the rest of the line really, because I respect a company that makes a conny with depth and flavor.  Most of the time they are just smooth, bland, and poorly constructed.  Several reviews for this column never made it because the cigars blew up...

Comment by 007MI6 on April 24, 2013 at 8:27am

I am a big AKA fan. The Solace & the Respect being my favorite lines. I like the Hybrid as well, as it was my first AKA, but once I had the other two it became my third favorite. There aren't many cigars I have on hand at all times, but these made the list.


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