Cigar Spotlight: Tarazona/Cubanacan Cigars

Now that Half Ashed is somewhat under control, I thought I should get back into the reviewing routine here on The Cigarmy.  And, what better way than with a Cigar Spotlight?  I met Eddie Tarazona, of Tarazona Cigars, at Charmed Leaf last Fall during an event they were having.  Eddie has quite an enthusiasm for cigars (and college football as well…he’s the “Proud Pops of VA Tech QB LT3 [Logan Thomas]“).  Eddie is very personable and accessible to talk about his cigars – or just cigars in general.  Some manufacturers can become so focused on the business of cigars that they lose sight of the simple pleasure of enjoying them.  Not Eddie.  While he is devoted to ensuring he produces the best cigars possible at his Cubanacan factory (in Esteli, Nicaragua), he has a CONTINUE READING

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