[Note: Many of you now know what's been going on with me in recent weeks concerning changes for my family, my Dad being sick, etc.  But, below is a quick summary I posted earlier on The Cigarmy.  You can find the full scoop HERE on my family's new blog for the coming days as well.  Once I get a regular schedule settled back in, I'll resume posting at my normal review pace, etc. ]

Good day, folks.  Thanks for stopping by.  So much has been going on in these parts that I almost don’t know where to begin.  About the time of my last post, my family and I had clear direction and made (locally) public our intent to partner up with Project Manana and become missionaries to the Dominican Republic.  I made this announcement public on this past week’s Half Ashed (if you want to cut directly to the announcement in the video rather than an audio download of the entire show,CLICK HERE).

If you’ve read much content [at The Cigarmy] over the past 2-1/2 years, you should be well aware of what Project Manana is all about and my support of the organization.  I’m overwhelmingly impressed with how responsibly funds are used and how much is accomplished with so little.  My family will be selling our house and possessions and heading down as soon as we get support lined up and ready.  Since 100% of children’s sponsorships go to provisions for the children, the feeding program, and infrastructure support, my family will need to raise all of our own support – which, of course, is 100% tax deductible should you choose to contribute.  If you would like to get the full story including how you can help, visit my new blog just for this experience over at fishers4him.com.

What does this mean for The Cigarmy and Half Ashed?  Hopefully, very little in terms of changes.  Internet connectivity is relatively good in Santiago, so I should have no difficulty with The Cigarmy.  As for the live recordings of Half Ashed, it may take a little hook-boogie reworking to ensure I have a reliable connection at recording time.  Overall, I expect little difference – except, perhaps, for a great deal more in the way of fun stories.  We shall see.  I have high hopes of being able to share in the blessing of helping other people in dire need, and seeing them grow.  No small part of me is additionally excited about living in cigar country as well :).

Thanks for checking in, and please take the time to read/listen/watch at the links above….

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Comment by Generally Useful Jared on March 17, 2014 at 9:26am

Beautiful country with wonderful people and culture, who need a lot of help. Good luck, I know it will be worth it!  I am jealous due to Ron Barcelo rum and Presidente beer, and lots of cigars, too!


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