Booze News: Mudhen Brewing Company Registers Label for 1883 IPA

Mudhen Brewing Company burst onto the scene last summer in the Jersey Shore town of Wildwood, NJ. Now, it appears Mudhen is planning to introduce cans in their second summer in one of New Jersey's most popular beach towns.

According to a filing with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) on May 30th, Mudhen received approval for a can label for their flagship, 1883 IPA. 1883 IPA is a 6.7% IPA that was one of the first offerings on draft when Mudhen opened its doors in April 2018.  In detailing 1883, Mudhen states, "It all started in 1883 with the development of the first passenger train direct to the Wildwoods. Reliable and steady with a smooth chug, it brought to life the idea of relaxing on a sandy beach with a cold drink in your hand. A refreshing house staple with a thoughtful balance of classic hops brewed to have you asking for repeated fills."

Label art for 1883 IPA reads, "Mudhen Brewing Co., named after the first passenger train in Wildwood, NJ is reflective of it's industrial roots, innovative and opportunistic. Like the hardworking class of people who traveled to 5 Mile Island to seek greater living, Mudhen Brew conducts a history lesson with every sip. Our handcrafted recipes are historic, they transport your palate from ordinary to extraordinary, arriving at your destination of complete enjoyment and relaxation!"

When we reached out to Mudhen for further details, they informed us they hoped to release in July.

Updated 6/5 5:32pm ET to reflect an expected July release date.

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