Booze News: Icarus Brewing Company Releasing Heavy Reel Collab, Just Wing It

Back in late December 2017, Lakewood, NJ's Icarus Brewing Company released a collaboration with Seaside Heights' Heavy Reel Brewing Company called Bay Dreamer that was later canned and released by Icarus.  Now, it appears that the two breweries are working on releasing another collaboration - Just Wing It.

In September 2018, Heavy Reel debuted Just Wing It on draft in their tap room.  Listed as a 7.5% ABV Milk Stout, Heavy Reel profiled this collaboration with Icarus as "jam packed with four different roasted malts and a huge addition of lactose and oats [that was aged] on chocolate and cinnamon coffee beans [post-fermentation]."

Now, according to Jason Goldstein, owner and head brewer at Icarus, we are set to see Just Wing It released in cans this Friday.  According to the label art, Just Wing It has evolved to a 6.6% ABV Milk Stout that Goldstein tells us "is a heavily roasted and oated Lactose Stout with a generous amount of Coffee from Happy Mug Roasters and Vanilla Bean." 

Happy Mug Coffee is an outfit out of Edinboro, Pa. When we asked Goldstein about the connection to Happy Mug, he told us, "We drink entirely too much of their coffee. If you love super obscure but phenomenal bean blends, they're who to talk to. We don't have any personal relationship but they're willing to roast it fresh and crush it to our exact specifications for us which makes them easy to work with."

Representatives from Heavy Reel confirmed they will be at Icarus for the release on Friday.

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