Booze News: Icarus Brewing Company Releasing Big In Sheboygan, a Collaboration with Last Wave Brewing Co

Winter seasonals started debuting a few months ago, but a new release by Icarus Brewing Company in Lakewood, NJ is stirring up a lot of chatter.  According to a filing with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), on November 25th, Icarus Brewing Company received approval for a can label for Big In Sheboygan.

Big In Sheboygan, a collaboration with Point Pleasant, NJ's Last Wave Brewing Co, is listed as a 6.9% Ale with spices & honey.  Text on the can art reads, "Amber Ale brewed with fresh honey, cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla for any holiday you look forward to.  Brewed in Collaboration with our friends from Last Wave Brewing".

When pressed for details, Jason Goldstein, Owner and Head Brewer of Icarus Brewing Company, told us the beer was "rich and malty with a balance of Cinnamon and Ginger which we added on the hot-side. 6.9% ABV and just a really nice Christmas Ale, releasing just in time for Hannukah."

"It was born out of how much I miss mid-western Christmas Ales (Thirsty Dog/Great Lakes/Brew Kettle/etc.), and it became something phenomenal," Goldstein, who went to school at Ohio State, added. "It smells so ridiculously good already and it hasn't even conditioned on the vanilla yet."

"Working with Last Wave is always a lot of fun, too. Those guys are extremely creative and really helped push this one to be even better."

When we reached out to Last Wave, we heard similar excitement.  "A collaboration with Icarus was something we'd been talking about and looking forward to for a while, so we were excited to get our schedules synched up. We wanted to play to both our strengths as they're known for making amazing NEIPAs and we like to mix it up with darker beer styles. This brown ale really hits the spot for the holidays with a touch of cinnamon and ginger. It's always great to see how other brewers get the job done, and the boys at Icarus have it locked in. Got to talk a lot about beer and some other ideas we're hoping to collaborate on in the future with them."

Big In Sheboygan will be available beginning Wednesday in the Icarus tasting room alongside a fresh batch of Milking It.

Updated 12/3 at 4:25 ET to add a quote from Last Wave

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