Booze News: Icarus Brewing Company Planning Full Week of Releases

With the holiday week, Icarus Brewing Company in Lakewood, NJ has plans for several releases this week.  Jason Goldstein, Owner and Head Brewer at Icarus, informed us this morning that Icarus would have three separate releases this week - a returning can on Wednesday, a new draft on Friday, and a new can on Saturday.

On Wednesday, Icarus will be re-releasing cans of the base version of Milking It. Milking It is an 8.1% ABV Imperial India Pale Ale with Lactose.  Milking It is profiled as a "Heavily Wheated and Oated North East Imperial India Pale Ale with Lactose Copiously dry hopped with Experimental 09326, Columbus, and Lupulin Citra" that debuted in June 2018.  Back in January 2019, Icarus released a Double Dry Hopped version of Milking It with Bru-1.

On Friday, Icarus will release a new White Wine Barrel Fermented "Wax Wings" Farmhouse on draft.  Wax Wings debuted in July 2018 with Wax Wings 1 and Wax Wings 2. Wax Wings 1 was "Barrel Fermented in Fresh White Wine Barrels for 6 months, and fermented on Belles Saison Yeast". Wax Wings 2 was "Barrel Fermented in fresh White Wine barrels for 6 month, and features a yeast blend revolving around a strain of American Farmhouse which brings out a bit more funk, green apples and cherries".  In more recent months, Icarus released draft versions conditioned on Apricot and Raspberries.

According to Goldstein, "Each version of Wax Wings uses a different Primary Yeast and is barrel fermented allowing for a completely unique character of the dominant yeast blending with the wild yeast/bacteria living in the White Wine Barrels. This time we fermented with WLP644 (Brux Trois) yeast. This batch pulled a huge amount of White Wine as well as a bit of Brett character with light oak and leather funk balancing out the bright White Wine notes."

Finally, Goldstein informed us that Icarus will "be hosting a Fundraiser for the WTC Memorial with our newest canned For the Story release" on Saturday.  Double Dry Hopped For The Story is an 8.2% ABV Imperial IPA that is double dry hopped with Styrian Dragon.  According to Goldstein, Styrian Dragon "adds notes of Blueberry and Acai to an already rich Floral and Citrus heavy Oated IIPA."

Goldstein continued that, "a portion of all proceeds from this DDH For the Story can as well as a portion of all sales of the day will be going toward the WTC Memorial Stair Climb".

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