Booze News: Core3 Brewery Planning First Canning, The Road to Fislers Mill

Core3Brewery owners Alexi Skriapas and Larry Price, two longtime friends, set out in 2016 to take a risk and explore their dream of brewing craft beer.  After hiring Head Brewer Nick McMillen, previously of Three 3's Brewing in Hammonton, NJ, Core3 opened its doors officially in early August on Delsea Drive in Clayton, NJ, with the intent of being "your local go-to brewery for fun and entertainment". Now, five months later, the trio is already planning their first can release.

According to a filing with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), Core3Brewery received approval on January 10th for a can label for one of their flagship beers, The Road to Fislers Mill.  The Road to Fislers Mill is a Cream Ale that the brewery describes as "a light bodied beer with a hint of Maize dedicated to Clayton's hard working men and women of the past and present".  One of the first beers that Core3 released, The Road to Fislers Mill was originally a 4.7% ABV offering, but can art indicates it will be released as a 5.5% ABV beer in pint-sized cans.

While requests for additional information were not immediately returned by the brewery, a Facebook post acknowledged the brewery's plans: 

Core3Brewery update! We have great news to share! Core3 has received approval for our can label. Therefore we will be doing our first ever canning run. We will be canning our cream ale “The Road To Fislers Mill” sometime this week. Stay tuned for a can release date and availability.

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