Booze News: Bradley Brew Project Planning to Release "Pinky" in 12oz Cans

A year ago, the owners of Bradley Beach, NJ's Bradley Brew Project, Mike and Chelsey Ziolkowski, were visiting breweries in Atlanta when Chelsey encountered a beer style that immediately caught her attention.  Loving that the style appealed to the female beer drinker, Chelsey immediately asked one of the brewers, Matt, to create this beer for Bradley Brew Project.  By December 2018, "Pinky" was on tap in the BBP taproom.

Pinky is a 4.9% ABV Saison that BBP describes as, "Dry, fruity and pink – yes, you read right, this is a Rosé-style bubbly Saison! It gets its gorgeous pink hue and flavor from the addition grape must and real hibiscus flowers. Brewed with pilsner and vienna malt, wheat and oats and hopped with the noble Tettnanger, it’s carbonated higher than typical beers for a full-on champagne-like experience." Noting the popularity of Pinky at private events, as BBP is a popular spot for hosting event attendees that wouldn't normally frequent breweries, BBP "noticed the gap [Pinky] helps to fill for "non-beer" drinkers." Given this popularity, BBP has decided to double down on it, and are aiming to release it in a slim 12oz can in early 2020.

When we asked Mike Ziolkowski if this was related to the recent seltzer craze, and signified a potential seltzer coming soon, he told us BBP has no plans for brewing a seltzer, but continued, "While it’s somewhat of a response to the current seltzer craze, it’s more of our attempt to further expand on our values and increase varied beer experiences to less tapped populations like female drinkers." He added, "We’re partnering with Tripod Canning on this venture, and we’ll be the first customer on their soon to be acquired slim canner. We expect a wider distro in stores of this one as well as on site can sales. More to come!"

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