Accessories: Perfecto Cigar Holder, Elertus and Cigar Oasis

I’ve been checking out some products over the last several months and have been lazy about giving them their place in the spotlight. Three Companies have generously shared their products with me to try out, Elertus, Perfecto Cigar Holder and Cigar Oasis. As a cigar smoker, I’m a cheap, lazy bastid, so it probably wouldn’t occur to me to spend cigar money on some of these things, but  as I’ve been presented with the opportunity to sample these products, I get to share my thoughts with you, and maybe you’ll decide whether they will make your life easier and are worth the expense. For your convenience, I’ve added each of these items to my Amazon store, located on the left side bar near the bottom of this page. I’ve had that store for over four years and have yet to make a sale, by the way.

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Comment by CRA_James on June 23, 2014 at 7:14pm
I've had a Perfecto for over a year. They're the shit. I love mine.


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