A Nice Day Off
If you have been reading the blog you know that it all started on the golfcourse. Yesterday was a very nice day with a 7:45 tee time at Timicuan golf course. Timicuan is usually out of my price range so it was my first time, thank you dealcaddyGolfnow.com . But this is a cigar blog so on to the smokes. At the turn I lit myself an Undercrown, and offered that or a Perdomo 10th anniversary to Old carguy. Since he has had several different Perdomo's from me he decided to try the Undercrown.

I love waiting for the reaction from Old Carguy because he has been smoking cigars for a long time. Like everyone I have ever introduced to this cigar, He is blown away. It amazes me sometimes when I talk to some of the smokers who have been at it awhile, they are so entrenched into limited brands, and have not tried any of the new stuff. Old carguy smokes the Romeo and Juliet reserva and it is a nice cigar. I just feel for the price and a similar experience I can enjoy a Perdomo Lot 23 at about half the cost and in my opinion a more flavorful cigar. We both smoke the Undercrowns down to the nub. I really like the Undercrown in fact it might be my #1 favorite at this time.

After lunch and a good cleaning of the back porch, that is filled with Pollen, I am taking a break. I know I have no plans to go anywhere until dinner so I go into the #1 Humidor and pull out an afternoon cigar. #1 Humidor is my special humidor that has some of the highest rated cigars over the last 2 years. Today's selection is the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor. What a beautiful cigar. I have picked this cigar at least 10 times but always put it down because I wanted to make sure it got the attention it deserved. I love the colorful band, the tightness of the cigar, the spicy cold draw. I get Mi Amor lit and spices just come shooting through the cigar. I am a little worried with the tightness that I am going to have a problem with the draw. Nope this thing fills my mouth and nose with plenty of flavorful smoke. The first third of Mi Amor is a pepper bomb and if you are brand new to cigars then you better be ready. The spices flowing in my mouth and nose are an indication this is going to be a full flavored cigar. The pepper keeps going throughout the whole first third. Most cigars after your third or forth puff the pepper is gone. Well I feel that the pepper is there right to the maximum time before it is too much. Nicely done. As you enter the second third, the cigar smooths out and just sends all kinds of smooth flavors to my palate. I'm sure if I knew my flavors better I could try and break them down for you, but my point is they are delicious. As you ennter the final third I am slipping up the band as far as I can go while still leaving it on. But I am still really enjoying the leathery, creamy, Mi Amor too much to put it down so I take off the band and smoke it to the point it finally gets bitter and put it down.

La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor is a very nice cigar with a spicy, then creamy smoke. Still no numbers. Would I buy a box? No, but I would like to know I have 2 or 3 resting in my boxes, so when I am in the mood for a pepper bomb at the start and good leathery creamy later on I got one. The Mi Amor is a good cigar with many different feelings and flavors. If you don't like the strong peppery beginning it is probably not for you, but if you do pick one up and let me know what you think.

Later that night I took the ladies to dinner at our local Outback, for 14.99 for Lobster tail and a 6 ounce steak, how could I go wrong. I didn't it was very good and we are sitting at the bar so we don't have to wait. Nice meal and great conversation about our daughters day, she's interning to be a teacher. OK this is a cigar blog so after watching a TV show with the Girls I head for the porch. I am back to Humidor #1 and about to pick up something I haven't already tried, when the CAO OSA Sol 50 jumps out at me. I know I have written about this one before in fact it was one of my first cigars when all this started so it has been at rest for a full 2 months. The bad news is that it was my last one in any of the humidors. That means another trip to my B&M, because this cigar is so good, and even better after some time at rest.

The Newbie

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Comment by Kyle Hoover on March 30, 2012 at 4:50pm
Good post! Glad u joined cigar fed!
Comment by Craig Vanderslice on March 31, 2012 at 9:02am

I've not had the Mi Amor, but I love the Undercrown and especially the CAO OSA Sol.  The OSA shines in that 5 x 50 size, I prefer it over the larger sizes. Lots of great cigars out there.  Enjoy the ride!


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