A Bunch of Cigars: UF-13 Dark, Reinado, Draig, NicaRoma and a La Gloria Cubana

I've had a good cigar week so far!  It started Sunday afternoon when I decided to treat myself to one of my rare Liga Privada Serie Unico UF-13 Dark.  I know when I want to have a really outstanding cigar experience I can rely on something Liga Privada or one of it’s cousins from Drew Estate, an Undercrown or a Chateau Real (maduro).  So I hit the back deck with the UF-13 dark and clipped off the fancy fan tailed cap.  An aside, I always feel a little bad lopping off fancy caps.  I love the look, it really ads to the presentation, but it’s such a waste of the roller’s time making something that’s going to get cut off right off the bat.  I know, they are sitting there all day making things that have the sole purpose of being burned away to ashes, but that’s the way my twisted mind works.  Always thinking in terms of practicality.  Anyway, the UF-13 Dark is a fabulous example of the art, and is a tasty cigar.  Loads of lush, full flavors and tons of smoke.  It ranks up there with my favorites in the the line.

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