5 Vegas Gold Maduro
Cigar Name: 5 Vegas Gold Maduro
Cigar Size: Corona (6.0" x 44)
Wrapper Type: Maduro
Cutter: Wolf Punch
Beverage: Black Coffee Breakfast Blend
I like the Gold 5 Vegas alot, Its a great mild Morning cigar with a cup of coffee. The maduro version falls along this line as well

Construction: 8/10
Great dark color on the wrapper, firm for the most part with a couple of soft spots and a couple of large veins.

Flavor: 22/25
Again mild cigar and flavors. A bit of sweetness with maybe some Carmel and coffee thrown in. The coffee and Carmel seem to fade about a 1/3 of the way in. Sweetness and a bit of spice, but still mild. The second half the spice becomes a bit more of a pepper taste with some nutty flavors with the sweetness of the maduro wrapper still there.

Draw: 9/10
Exceptional draw. Take very little effort to draw smoke.

Burn: 8/10
Started burning uneven. Became around 3/4" uneven at one point, required a touch up with the lighter. Other than that it stayed lit fine and there were no other major issues.

Ash: 5/5
The ash held fine well after 1" and it had that nice salt and pepper color to it.

Smoke: 5/5
This cigar produces a large amount of nice grey and white smoke.

Impression: 31/35
This is a nice mild Maduro cigar. Very enjoyable if your looking for mild flavors with sweetness ans a bit of spice.

Overall Rating: 88
Great cigar for Under $4. With some time in the humidor I think it will get better. If you like mild cigars with some sweetness and spice then this is it. If you smoke it thinking it will be like the Vegas A or AAA you will be disappointed. Not a powerhouse cigar by any means, but it is a nice mellow enjoyable smoke that will leave you licking that wonderful maduro taste from your lips even after your done smoking it. I will add more of this to my Humi.. I would also like to Thanks Dave (smelvis) for this stick.

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