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Review: Jameson Santos de Miami Lancero

The Jameson Cigar Co. Santos de Miami Box Press Lancero. We're off to a great start and I've only given you the name and vitola! I know the large ring gauge fade is in full swing, but you just can't beat a good lancero. The Santos de Miami is the first lancero I have ever had that was in a box press. And the edges on this Santos de Miami are very sharp, just as those on the T.L. Johnson sharp box press. The Santos de Miami is made from all Dominican grown tobaccos and is all tied up…


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Review: Villiger Selecto Corona Gorda

At IPCPR this year I picked up one of Villiger's new sticks from my Texas rep, the Villiger Selecto. I got the corona gorda and the lancero. As my free time has been limited, I decided the smaller 5x46, would fit my time window better. I've also never had any of Villiger's cigars, so this will be my first experience with them.

The Villiger Selecto is a very…


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Review: 601 La Bomba Warhead

I have been looking forward to this Espinosa Cigars 601 La Bomba Warhead since I first read about it. If for nothing else, I was in love with the band and packaging, but also because I am a big maduro fan. I was lucky enough to snag one while I was at IPCPR this year and I've been letting it rest, waiting for the right time. Well, if anyone has noticed my general absence from "them internets" lately, you might have guessed that I have been busy. There is a lot going on down here right now,…


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Review: Gran Habano S.T.K. Miami Barracuda

Last night I carved out some time to smoke George Rico's Gran Habano S.T.K. Miami Barracuda robusto. From what I have read, only 100 boxes of 20, were made of these, so they might be hard to find, but they are out there. So, on to the review!

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The foot of the Barracuda was purely cedar with a slight tobacco note for me.…


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Review: La Sirena The Prince

This cigar has been out for a few years now and I have been wanting to try it forever. But with so many choices out there, I just kept putting it off. Well, Barry of Miami Cigars was nice enough to supply me with one in a goodie bag at IPCPR this year. And I'll tell you what, I should not have waited so long.

The first thing everyone notices, comments about…


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Review: Crossfire Platinum Gordo

While wandering IPCPR 2013 last month, we ran across a great group of guys representing Crossfire Cigars. I don't want to get all into their mission, since this is the review. And also, because Logan and I did an little video interview, to discuss just this. You don't see me, but I am filming, as I don't care to be on camera. Check it out …


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Review: Arcángel

I was able to pick up this this cigar while at IPCPR this year, and I stashed it to be smoked on a clean palette. I have been slammed with work and life issues since returning, and have had a hard time getting to a review. I actually smoked this on Wednesday, but I was not able to get to the review until today (Friday). So, here goes, all be-it a shorter than usual review.

Find more photos like this on…


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Review: Paul Stulac White Blinding Light Torpedo Maduro

In February, Cigar Chat did a Paul Stulac Cigars episode, and Paul was very generous. On top of the regular giveaway packs, he decided last minute that everyone who was in attendance would get one free cigar. Very sweet deal, and…


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Review: CAO OSA Lot 50

I know a lot of people don't seem to like the large manufacturers, such as General Cigar, but CAO makes a few sticks that I really enjoy, specifically, the La Traviata & Brazilia. Now you can add the OSA to that. I've heard a lot of things about this blend, and I even seem to recall it getting some really high ratings, from multiple sources. So, on to…


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Review: Rodrigo La Fortaleza Absoluto

So, Tuesday I decided to take it easy after work and not go straight into my remodel work. Figured I would relax and have a smoke and a Jack & Coke instead. Gotta do it at least every now and then, right? I chose this Rodrigo, the La Fortaleza Absoluto, which is a smaller cigar at 5.12x43.



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Review: K.A. Kendall's 7-20-4 Hustler Toro

What better to smoke during CigarChat with 7-20-4, than a 7-20-4 Hustler. I weaseled this particular one off Logan a couple weeks ago and he had gotten it at IPCPR 2012. So it was plenty rested and ready to go. And you couldn't ask for a more well crafted cigar. The barber pole was done exceptionally well. I was amazed that the width and alignment of the two colored…


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Review: Corona Cigar Cielo Poseidon Robusto

I received this Cielo Poseidon from Corona Cigar Co. to review, about 3 weeks ago, and I finally found the time to squeeze it in.

According to Corona Cigar Company's website, the Cielo was launched back in 2001, and are hand made in Esteli at Tabacalera Perdomo, using an Ecuadorian Sungrown wrapper and an all…


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Review: Outlaw Cigar Gunslinger Black Powder Short Belicoso

Last month I went to the CATS Festival in San Antonio, TX. One of the retailers on hand was Outlaw Cigar Co. and they gave out this Gunslinger. The banding on these Gunslingers has been calling my name from that day.

I decided to light up the Short Belicoso Saturday (06/01) night. Forgive the paint and on…


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On The Course Review: San Cristobal Papagayo XXL & Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

I didn't mention it in my last (& also first) blog post, but I pair my cigars with a large variety of drinks. Not always planned, I usually decide on a drink and then grab a random cigar. So, props to Logan for masterminding the idea that my reviews focus on my experiences with these pairings. This will be my first such post, and I just happened to be on the golf course…


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La Gloria Cubana Wavell Natural Robusto

Want to feel special? Well, you are. And no, I'm not going to go Stuart Smalley and hand out "Daily Affirmations". (Am I starting to date myself already?) You're special because you are reading my first ever cigar review blog post. So lets see how this goes.

On Tuesday (5/14) I went by my usual liquor store to pick up a bottle of Jack, and as…


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