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Review: Cornell & Diehl Odessa 968

Cavendish cut burley, Turkish, Latakia and Perique, Odessa 968 is supposed to be similar to the old Balkan Sobranie White. I’ve never had that, so I can’t contest to that fact. But, I will see how it stacks up to what I have had.

Odessa 968

Company: Cornell & Diehl…


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Review: Rattray's Hall O The Wynd

Hal O The Wynd

Company: Rattray’s

How Packaged: 3.5 Tin

Style: Virginia/Perique

Tobacco Used: Kentucky, Perique, Virginia…


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Group Review: CAO Flathead Steel Horse

Apparently, CAO got a LOT of comments about the fact that their Flathead line (released in 2014) did not have a motorcycle themed option. Well, CAO obviously heard that complaint and they have made that option for those CAO smoking bikers out there. The Steel Horse still has the signature Flathead cap, but the cigar itself is round, instead of the box-press that the rest of the line has. Blended to be full of flavor, but not so heavy on strength, so as to make it…


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Review: Tsuge Summer Daydream

Summer Daydream is one of four new blends, from the newly released Seasons line from Tsuge. The Season's line is a collection of four (one for each season), aromatic blends. Released at the same time as the God Series, which is a non-aromatic lineup, but those are for another review. It's still summer down here, so i am going to see how this tobacco holds up.…


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Review: El Cedro Purple Dye Habano

Logan sat down with Anwar to get the news and upcoming ideas from El Cedro Cigars, at IPCPR15. One of Anwar's new cigars? The Purple Dye, which comes in a Habano and Maduro style. Check out the interview and then we'll get into the Habano.

El Cedro Purple Dye…


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Review: GL Pease Laurel Heights

GL Pease Laurel Heights is a Virginia/Latakia blend. With mostly Virginias, it should be a milder and naturally sweet blend. And with a very small amount of Latakia, that shouldn’t be very perceptible.

Laurel Heights

Company: GL Pease



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Pre-Release Group Review: Sindicato Miami Edition

Sindicato is a brand that I personally, just became familiar with at the 2014 IPCPR. And I was impressed with the cigars I had for sure. The Affinity is an excellent Connecticut! Just a personal recommendation for anybody looking great $6-7 connie. But, moving on, today we are reviewing the Sindicato Miami Edition.

The Sindicato Miami Edition is a limited edition cigar, only released as a salomon. It us produced at Casa Fernandez in…


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Review: Cornell & Diehl Plantation Evening

Plantation Evening is marketed as a light blend of tobaccos, offering a middle-of-the-road English style blend. The name sounds as though it should be great to have on the porch some evening. So, this evening I will see how it lives up.

Plantation Evening

Company: Cornell &…


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