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Review: Que Vida

I normally go into a cigar review as blind as I can. Of course, sometimes that isn't too blind, if the cigar is popular enough. But that is not a problem here. I have never heard of Que Vida Cigars that I can think of and a Google search doesn't reveal too much more. They appear to be based in New Jersey, have a lot of facing in New York and are about a year old. As for the cigar itself, same story, all undisclosed. So, lets get to what we CAN find out.…


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Review: McClelland 5100 Red Cake

I didn't find too much on this, but I never dig too much before I smoke. I like to be completely open to what's in store. The main description I came across, says that this isn't often found in the US. I have not looked around for this to prove that, because I got mine from a buddy. ;)

5100 Red Cake…


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Review: Viaje WLP Exclusivo Churchill

The Viaje White Label Project is an outlet for Viaje to release one off blends, test blends and factory errors. Not seconds, just things that weren't supposed to be made for retail. They are all limited edition as a result. This WLP Exclusivo Churchill was actually a factory error. A vitola that was not supposed to be made, but 150 boxes were "accidentally" rolled, from what I've read.

Viaje White Label Project…


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Review: Cornell & Diehl Habana Daydream

Cornell & Diehls Habana Daydream is one of those few cigar leaf base pipe tobaccos out there. They tend to create an interesting profile that, although definitely a pipe tobacco, they do have a similarity to cigar smoking.

Habana Daydream No.420…


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Review: La Barba Siempre Tamboril

While at the Tabacalera William Ventura factory in the Dominican to blend his purple line, Tony Belatto became interested in something else. A batch of tobacco from Henderson Ventura, that he eventually turned into this, the La Barba Siempre Tamboril. It is meant to be a smooth, anytime, everyday smoke. Let's see how it stands up.

La Barba Siempre Tamboril…


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Review: Alec Bradley Sanctum

Debuted at the 2014 IPCPR, the Alec Bradley was a much anticipated cigar. But not much was known then other than packaging and it too near 11 months before it was released. Well, fast forward another year and I finally happen upon some. I smoked this cigar as I usually do, with absolutely no idea of what to think or what's in it. But after looking up the details, I was surprised by the tobaccos used, but it also explained some of the profile.…


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Review: Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian

Released in 2006, Mac Baren HH Vintage Syrian is a multi-nation, Balkan style blend. At just under 50%, the base of this blend is a powerful Syrian Latakia. It is spiced up by some Turkish Oriental, sweetened with Virginia and given depth with some Kentucky. The smokey/sweet smell is amazing.

HH Vintage Syrian…


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