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Review: Boswell Berry Cobbler

Ben Lee sent over a few samples of some of his tobaccos to me a few months back. One such tobacco was this Boswell Berry Cobbler. A very strong smelling aromatic, which can just about fill a room up just by opening the container. I almost want to eat the stuff, but I figure that wouldn't work out so well. So, I've been smoking it instead with decent results.…


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Review: BLK WKS Studio NBK

Founded by the creator of Black Label Trading Co. James Brown and a partner at Fabrica Oveja Negra, BLK WKS Studio was started in November of 2015. The Fabrica Oveja Negra factory was opened so that they could experiment with with tobaccos and blends, making it a "playground" for blending. BLK WRKS Studio is another outlet to produce unique, quality, boutique blends. This is a way for them to bring blends to life, that have been just sitting "on the shelf". The NBK is one of the first…


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Review: Lane Limited 125th Anniversary

To celebrate their 125th Anniversary, Lane Limited released this aptly named blend. It also happened to be their first VaPer blend ever. A combination of red and bright flue-cured tobaccos and a balanced amount of fermented Louisiana Perique for some zest.

125th Anniversary…


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Review: Cubanacan Mederos Habano (Revisited)

I've had the idea to start revisiting cigars that I have reviewed, when I come across some more. The other day I just happened to pick up this Mederos Habano, and thought now was as good a time as any to get out there and see how it goes. These will be a little shorter and to the point. Check out the original review …


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Review: Gawith, Hogarth & Co. Best Brown #2

A medium strength Virginia & Burley mix Gawith, Hogarth & Co. Best Brown #2 is an interesting tobacco, utilizing a floral essence topping. I have yet to come across a tobacco that has a floral topping. It isn't an overpowering note, but you can definitely taste it on the cold draw and jar note. I am anxious to see how these flavors end up when lit.…


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Review: Alec Bradley Mundial

Alec Bradley's Mundial is probably best known as the cigar that went into space. Well, it actually went up as high as the stratosphere, as it didn't go above 20 miles. But, that is still pretty high up. A cigar that was in the works for five years, the Mundial didn't actually make it to market until the 2013 IPCPR trade show, due to complications. It is definitely one of the highest priced offerings from Alec Bradley, with MSRP's from $9.95 to $15.95.…


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Review: Dunhill 3 Year Matured Virginia

Dunhill’s 3 Year Matured Virginia is medium tobacco, made of Oriental and Red Virginia tobaccos, topped with a fruit/citrus flavor. It was discontinued in 2007, but relaunched in 2015. This tobacco doesn't seem as readily available as most and there isn't too much out there, but it smells great and I am ready to pack a bowl.…


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Review: Lost & Found Pepper Cream Soda

Lost & Found (also formerly known as Impromptu, then Caldwell/Bellatto/Sears first) puts out some very popular cigars. They don't actually blend these cigars. They rummage around in well-known manufacturers warehouses, find lost blends and bring them to market. Thus the name, Lost & Found. A large percentage of their releases sell out in days, if not hours. So, besides being hard to sometimes find, they are also usually on the higher end cost wise. That…


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