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Review: Suriel Day & Night

Suriel Cigars and Kelner Boutique Factory (KBF) teamed up to make the Suriel Day & Night. Blended using five different tobacco, intended to be sweet and creamy and good for any time of time. So, I suppose Day & Night or Day & Night would have been appropriate names. I have honestly not been introduced to these guys yet, and I am going in with no other expectations.

Suriel Day & Night…


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Review: Spectre Pipe Tobacco

Spectre is a unique pipe tobacco, in that it actually contains cigar leaf tobaccos. Specter Cigars are known for the reverse, using Latakia pipe tobacco. Created by Russ Oullette, Spectre is not a Hearth & Home Blend but a standalone product. Which, is connected to Spectre Cigars and AJ Fernandez.…


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Review: Pura Soul Maduro

Pura Soul is a cigar brand from Robert Wright, produced by the Eiora families El Aladino factory in Honduras. Robert Wright, a 40 year verteraned jazz saxophone musician, is also a 30 year veteran of the cigar industry. He has worked for many well known companies, such as Swisher, Davidoff and Camacho, but now he is blending cigars that infuse his love of music and tobacco. This is the Maduro, a limited production blend, which was released at the 2015 IPCPR convention.…


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Review: Erinmore Flake

Erinmore is a brand that I haven’t had before. As long as they have been around, I have not been smoking long, so this is my first experience with them. I honestly did not expect this to be an aromatic. Although, it does have a lot of sweetness on the aroma, it didn’t seem more than natural. Have to see how it smokes.…


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Review: Warped La Hacienda

Warped Cigars have been all over and well received since their release. And even if you've never had them, just the intricate bands are enough to lure you to them if you see them on the shelf. And they really are some beautiful cigars. I am amazed that we do not have a review of this up yet. So, it is time to fix that.

La Hacienda by Warped Cigars

Size: 5.5 x 52…


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Review: Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky

This tobacco just smells so good. Not to mention that it looks really sweet! This seems like a strong, natural tobacco based off the name, looks and aroma. After reviewing this, I read that it had a licorice flavoring, but I am not sure that I ever really noticed it. I would never have guessed there was any flavoring, and it is not classified as an aromatic either.…


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Review: Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. Bob's Chocolate Flake

Bob's Chocolate Flake sounds like a tasty blend. Now, I don't plan on this tasting like a chocolate bar, but I am hoping for some nice cocoa notes. The jar note is quite nice, so without any research I am just going to jump into this.

Bob’s Chocolate Flake

Company: Gawith, Hoggarth &…


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