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Reviews: Ramon Allones Edición Regional Gran Bretaña Petite Belicosos

             Ramon Allones is a brand I have little experience with, and I hate to say that really, because I adore the RASS and it has always been one of my favorite robustos.  I had a box of TEB AUG08 that was legendary, and I wish I never gave them out to my buddies they were so good.  There is something about the Ramon Allones profile that hits the palate with a wonderful honey note that drives me crazy.  I happened to receive this Gran Bretaña Exclusivo from Perkinke as a gift on the…


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Review: D’Crossier Imperium Class Vintage Canonazo

             This was supposed to be a group review, but Rob got sick and the other guys got busy. So I stuck to a one paragraph format and kept my notes short in nature.  If you are not familiar with D'Crossier, I did an interview with Santana the owner at IPCPR earlier this year.  You can see that video HERE.  John also did a review of the L'Forte and absolutely loved it …


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Review: Aged Selects Habano Churchill

   Up again we have another selection from the mysterious bundle company Aged Selects.  This time I grabbed a Habano Churchill, which apparently is different then the Habano Rosado, but the band is the same.  You could tell there was a difference in the wrapper though.  Only blend information I have is this is a Nicaraguan made overrun of sorts, that sells for $50 for a bundle of 20, and was rolled in 2009.

               The dry draw was very toasty, with hints of berries.…


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Review: Hector Luis Prieto Robusto Extra Farm Roll

      If you have not heard of Hector Luis Prieto, you will soon.  A quick search will find articles in Cigar Aficionado of one of the upcoming superstar farmers in Cuba.  So much so, that he warrants a show on What Embargo as well.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of his farm rolls at my friendly neighborhood LCDH, and was interested to see if his farmies lived up to his reputation.  Prieto is known for innovative farming and curing techniques, employing new…


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Review: Jose L. Piedra Cazadores Long Corona

             Jose Piedra.  To me, the name piques my imagination to a place where seedy third world gangsters are trafficking dope and carrying AK47’s.  Other times, I picture a farmer, poor but content, living off the land and happy with his stogie, rum, and family close by.  I really want to get drunk on mojitos with Jose and Sancho Panza, but that might get me placed in a Cuban jail.  Enough rambling, this is the final leg of the cheapo challenge Seth and I are doing with the Partagas…


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Review: Aged Selects Habano Rosado Toro Grande

             Recently I was contacted by a friend in the industry to see if we did bundle reviews.  After asking a few questions, I obliged, as I am a fan of cheapo cigars, and love it when I find a good deal.  Personally, the Davidoff 3x3 and 4x4 bundles are a staple of my humidors.  Without getting into details as to the provenance of the cigars, I can tell you these are not seconds, and once they are gone they are gone.  The company will continue to add more bundles in the future, but as…


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Review: Sindicato Affinity Robusto

  ***Hey guys, given my time constraints from school, Logan suggested trying out a new style: Catfish's Quick Hits.  Granted, I may not be able to do this every Monday, but it takes a ton less time then a formal review.  So here we go...***

             I got this Sindicato at IPCPR from the Jim Collucci after doing an interview.  Knowing I love mild cigars, Jim handed me…


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Pre-Release Review: Regius Exlusivo USA Claro Especial Lancero

               Coming off the success and national release of the original Regius USA Exlcusivo line, Regius and Exclusivo USA have slated a new release for September 25th.  The latest offering is called the Claro Especial, and employs a similar wrapper that is cured a bit differently to provide less wrapper flavor, and emphasize the filler and binder flavor to the palate; a double binder was added specifically. The result Regius and USA Exlcusivo were looking for, was a little…


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Review: Habanos Montecristo Grand Edmundo Edicion Limitada 2010

             Montecristo is a weird brand for me.  When I first got into Habanos, I never liked Monte.  I remember my buddies whom are more experienced collectors speaking about their love for the brand, but I never got it.  However, once I experienced a few aged Edmundos and No 2’s, I started seeing why the brand had potential and explored the line.  For me, the Edmundo and Petite Edmundo just pop, along with recent production No 2.  Knowing how popular the Sublime release was, I figured…


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Review: Habanos H Upmann No 2 2008

             My journey into the world all started with one cigar, the H Upmann No 2.  Granted, before I ran into this specific cigar, I had several experiences with Habanos, but my Diesel Unholy Cocktail for breakfast, Dark Corojo for lunch, palate had yet to truly appreciate everything Cuba had to offer.  I remember the first time I smoked an aged Upmann No 2, it was an old band, from 2004, that was gifted to me from a good friend.  What ensued, was an NC apocalypse of sorts, and I…


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Review: Bandolero Tremendos Robusto

             One of my booth reviews for IPCPR, was the Atabey booth, and an interview I did with Nelson Alfonso.  You can find that writeup HERE, and the Bandolero is mentioned as one of Alfonso’s releases.  I find it worth noting before I get into the review, that Nelson employs cedar aging rooms that use several different breeds of cedar, to provide the ultimate…


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Review: Coffee and Cigar Pairings


             Some of you whom have been following me since the Robby Ras days, know that I am both a coffee freak, and a huge fan of Connecticut cigars.  So much so, that I did several pairing articles on both Robby’s old site and Cigar Federation.  In those articles, I showcased pairing different cigars with different beans, and described how they interacted with my palate.  When John asked me to do a Sharing our Pairing show on coffee, my immediate reaction was that of jubilee, as…


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Review: Partagas Mille Fluer Petite Corona

             The Battle of a Thousand Flowers continues on, combined with the Habanos Critic under $3 shootout.  When we first started the site and forum, I reviewed the Romeo Mille Fluer (Check it out Here) and planned on comparing it to the Partagas Mille Fluer.  Oddly enough, I could not find the Romeo review, and realized it never got…


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Review: Curivari El Gran Rey

             I love me some Curivari, so much so, they have made my top lists the last two years, and I would assume will probably make an appearance this year as well.  I recently smoked this blend in the torpedo format, and impressed with the cigar, so I set up a trade with DocWill on Cigar Federation to get some more.  The one thing that sucks about Curivari, is the lack of production, which means they are hard to find.  I took a second to chat with the owner at IPCPR, ad he said his…


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IPCPR 2014: Quesada

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             First booth Jerad and I went to when we walked into IPCPR, was the Quesada booth, about 30 minutes before the floor opened for the first day.  Without fail, Manolo recognized me from last year and came up to say hello.  I was surprised honestly, that he…


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IPCPR 2014: UberGuide

Click Here!

             You may be asking, why is Catfish writing about a cigar app when there are tons of cigar apps out there that are completely useless and we want to know about cigars! Personally, I use a scanner app on my phone as a consumer all the time.  I use it for…


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IPCPR 2014: Atabey, Bandolero, and Byron

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             Another year down at IPCPR, and another year of good times and memories.  This year the IPCPR team was all business honestly, and we had very little time to relax.  As each day ended, I was looking forward to taking a nap, instead of going out.  We learned a ton…


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Pre-Release Review: Regius Orchant 2014 Campana

             Last year my Cigar of the Year was the Regius Orchant Robusto, a cigar that seemed like it was made for my palate, and strikingly similar to the Habanos I regularly smoke. This year, Akhil Kapacee and Mitchell Orchant teamed up again to rerelease the Robusto and add a Campana to the line, information about the initial release is here:.  The Campana is a torpedo shape sized at 5.5in x 52rg.  According to Kapacee, “Campana is an interesting size that will sell in the UK.  The…


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Review: Brun del Re Don Corozza Special Edition Churchill 7x48

             Last year after IPCPR, I reviewed a cigar from a Costa Rican manufacturer that I really dug called the Brun del Re Colonial.  I had received a couple samples from the owner, Carlo Corozza, whom I interviewed here: Carlo Corozza Interview. One of the samples he gave…


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Review: Wilson Adams Sumatra No 2 Robusto 5x50

             Wilson Adams is a company I must say I know little about.  I met Brandon Wilson at IPCPR last year, and ended up having a drink or two with him at the Alec Bradley event.  At the time, I had one of his Habano cigars, but did not have the time to really sit down and chat with him.  Fast forward to March this year, and my good friend Akhil at Regius was traveling to California with Wilson.  They made a point to stop in to Bakersfield and say hello, and Wilson gave me his new blend…


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