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Review: Casa Fernández AGANORSA Connecticut

2016 has been a big year for Casa Fernández and at IPCPR the company had several new releases of their own. The company is well known for their work with individuals in the industry, but when it comes to their own brand they don't get the attention they deserve. From line extensions to brand new lines, it was the biggest years I can remember for Casa Fernández. Even with the announcement of these new cigar lines and vitolas, the company quietly announced that they were now using a second…


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Review: Aguila

Recently,iHavanas released a new brand that is their brand. It is called Aguila and it is made in Nicaragua. Little information is given out about the blend right now, but iHvanas asked for my thoughts and I told them I would be more than glad to share them. I did not know any information about the blend before I smoked it, so I was going in blind but I was quickly surprised by how much I enjoyed the cigar. Information about the cigar is…


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Review: Matilde Quadrata

In late Spring, Matilde Cigars announced their third line as a company. The line was to be showcased at the 2016 IPCPR and ship to retailers right afterwards. It would be the company's first box pressed cigar and it would be a cigar that they said would fall between Renacer and Oscura in terms of strength, body and flavors. I have been a fan of everything the company has done since they hit the market in 2014, and I have great respect for the Seijas Family and appreciate the blends that Jose…


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Review: La Palina Goldie Dalia

Since 2012, La Palina has worked with El Titan de Bronze in Miami, Florida to create the annual release of the La Palina Goldie. No more than 25,000 cigars are released in a year, it was originally less when the program started and all of those cigars are rolled by one individual, Maria Sierra. Maria is a Category 9 roller, and for 32 years she worked at El Lagutio in Havana, Cuba, rolling true Cohibas. The concept of smoking a cigar that is rolled by one individual is brilliant and amazing,…


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Review: Davidoff Grand Cru

At this year's IPCPR, Davidoff announced that they would be expanding the Davidoff Grand Cru Series. The Grand Cru Series has been on the market for years and it is an old school line in many ways. Until this year the line did not have offerings with a ring gauge over 43, you can see why it may not be popular with Americans and do well overseas, but this year they announced that they would release two offerings with ring gauges of 52 and 54. Since then the cigars have been on the market, and…


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Cigar News: Espinosa Cigars Teases Upcoming 601 La Bomba Claro

In continuing with the 601 Brand love, Espinosa Cigars just announced that there will be a new 601 La Bomba, La Bomba Claro. The cigar features a change in wrappers, moving from a darkish Habano Cafe to a Rosado Claro and the swap helps "the blend really pop while also showing an increase in strength." The actual filler blend will not change, neither will the…


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Cigar News: Espinosa Cigars Announces Expansion of 601 Brand. Major Expansion!

Yesterday, Espinosa Cigars informed Cigar Coop and Cigar Federation that the 601 Brand would be making a come back. Little did we know that the comeback would be of such magnitude! The 601 Brand dates back to EO Brands, when Erik Espinosa and Eddie Ortega were working together, but when the partnership dissolved, 601 went with Erik Espinosa. The brand is really known for the Blue, La Bomba and Warhead offerings, but over the years the Red and Green have remained in production as well. With…


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Review: Eastern Standard Maduro Midnight Express (Caldwell Cigar Company)

With IPCPR 2016 in the rear view mirror and the August 8th regulation date coming up, the billions of new cigars created by the industry that were possibly showcased are beginning to hit shelves at retail shops across this nation. (No, billions of cigar were not created and released this year. Yes, I am being a d#&$.) One of the new releases at the show that actually had a soft launch earlier in March was the Eastern Standard Maduro Midnight Express. This new line…


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Review: Davidoff Yamasá

North of Santo Domingo is the Yamasá region. It is a swampy region that is high in humidity and heavy rainfall, and while the soil is rich in minerals there is a low pH count. For 20 years, Henke Kelner has worked in the region, working to showcase the greatness of tobacco that can be grown there and this summer we will have the opportunity to truly enjoy the fruition of his work. They have had releases in the past using tobacco from the region, but the new Davidoff Yamasá showcases the…


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Review: Camacho Powerband

With the passing of Buddy Ryan two days ago, I started thinking of the greatest team ever- the '85 Bears. This of course got me wanting to watch 30 for 30: The '85 Bears and at the end documentary with Ditka light up, I needed to get myself a Camacho. I didn't have one of his "Ditka cigars," but I had been smoking some of the new Powerbands by Camacho so I grabbed one of those. The cigar is labeled as a "power and muscle cigar," something that goes hand in hand with the '85 Bears, so I was…


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Cigar Review: Crux Limitada PB5

At last year's trade show, Crux Cigars announced that they would be releasing their first limitada. I typically don't get excited over limitadas anymore, whether they be limitadas from Cuba or to the United States, but I was interested in seeing Crux's offering. Being that Jeff and Joel "are" retailers, I think they have an appreciation for what a limitada should be. (Ten count box that is numbered and not a small vitola offering.) What makes this limitada special and true to what I believe…


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Review: Cornelius & Anthony Daddy Mac

Cornelius & Anthony is one of those up-and-coming companies for the cigar industry right now and they are a company has two exciting offerings that have recently been released. While the company's original plans from 2015 are no longer in existence and completely scrapped, it was a little worrisome there for a while, the company is now in full stride and have released two cigars titled Cornelius and Daddy Mac. Cornelius is made in Miami at El Titan de Bronze, a traditional and old school…


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Press Release: Las Cumbres Tabaco Adds Vitolas to Freyja & Señorial Maduro

Last week, Las Cumbres Tabaco announced that two new vitolas would be added to their Freyja, Señorial Maduro lines, and that they would be introduced at the 2016 IPCPR. Both vitolas will be box-pressed releases, and they are the first box-pressed releases from Las Cumbres Tabaco. 

The addition to the Señorial Maduro line is being called El Cuadro, and it will be a 5…


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Review: Crux Guild

In August of last year, 007MI6 reviewed the Crux Guild immediately following the trade show. He has positive things to say about the release and noted the cigar for its strength. I was interested in trying the release after it was showcased, I have been a fan of Crux Cigars since the beginning, but it was not till recently that I had the opportunity to actually smoke the cigar. The cigar is just now being released as well, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to…


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Press Release: Matilde Cigars Announces Matilde Quadrata for IPCPR 2016

This morning, Matilde Cigars announced their third line as a company. The line will be called the Matilde Quadrata, and it will be their first box-pressed release. The line will consist of three vitola offerings, and each vitola offering will come in 20 count boxes. The blend is designed to be full flavor while smoking at a level between medium and…


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Regarding the Latest FDA News...

This is a message I read last night and it is a message everyone should read. The man is Lou Rodriguez, and besides being a great and smart individual, he was once in the industry. You may not like or agree with the message, but it is in line with what I have been saying and what  many smart people have been saying.

Cigar Industry update:

My thoughts, and certainly not intended to offend anyone. Many of my closest friends are in the cigar industry…


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Review: Cornelius Toro by Cornelius & Anthony

If there are stories that I love, it's the stories that revolve around the resurrection of a tobacco/cigar company. There is nothing better than hearing or reading about the history of a tobacco company from the 19th or early 20th century and about its resurrection. I love being able to see photos of the farms, factories, owners, employees and packaging from when the company was still in business, and I love it when they tie it into the modern business. I am a sucker for all of that, so when…


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Review: Espinosa Laranja Reserva DeSocio

At the beginning of the 2016 year, it was announced that Alliance Cigars, a wholesale cigar distributor, would teaming up with Espinosa Premiums Cigars to create a new vitola for the Laranja Reserva line. The vitola would be made exclusively for Alliance Cigars, and it would be the sixth addition in the DeSocio lineup. The DeSocio lineup began in 2013 and has been composed of limited and regular production vitolas that are unique in size to the national offerings of their respective lines.…


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Review: Herrera Estelí Norteño Edición Limitada

Years ago, when it was announced that Willy Herrera would be joining Drew Estate, I was very excited about the addition. He had been doing great things in Miami, so for him to take that skill set to Drew Estate and be able to work with what they had to offer, great things were expected. He had immediate success with the Herrera Esteli, so of course everyone would pay attention to his second release. Well, he had success with that release as well so when it was announced last year that he…


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Review: Davidoff Nicaragua Box Pressed Toro (Prerelease)

Every once in a great while, there is a release from a company that is a complete 180 from what the company has done for many years that catches people's attention and is truly great. It does not happen often, but when it does you recognize it. You can say the same thing about a release that is a complete disaster when a company attempts a 180, the Damaso from Padron for example. But in terms of success, Davidoff has had that with the Davidoff Nicaragua. A blend like nothing else they have…


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