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Press Release: Quesada Cigars announces new Holiday Keg

Just in time for the gift giving season, The Quesada Family is releasing the Holiday Keg: a limited edition barrel filled with ten 6x50 Toros blended to share with friends and family over the holidays. A Corojo Dominican wrapper cloaks a dominican binder with fillers from both Dominican Republic and Nicaragua to…


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Review: Rocky Patel Fifty-Five Corona

This year at the IPCPR there were a significant number of new releases from manufacturers. Rocky Patel certainly didn’t buck that trend, with a significant list of new products, limited edition products, and line extensions.

One of the special new releases was the Rocky Patel Fifty-Five. Created to commemorate Rocky’s 55th birthday, it utilizes tobaccos that are aged 6 – 7 years. Rocky Patel himself created the blend, and Hamlet Paredes came up with the unique sizes. Each…


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Review: Casa Fernández AGANORSA Connecticut

2016 has been a big year for Casa Fernández and at IPCPR the company had several new releases of their own. The company is well known for their work with individuals in the industry, but when it comes to their own brand they don't get the attention they deserve. From line extensions to brand new lines, it was the biggest years I can remember for Casa Fernández. Even with the announcement of these new cigar lines and vitolas, the company quietly announced that they were now using a second…


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Review: The Upsetters by Foundation Cigar Company

After a trip to Kingston, Jamaica for Bob Marley’s 70th birthday, Nick Melillo started searching Jamaica for cigar tobacco. Nick created The Upsetters using a traditional Caribbean technique of herbal infusion, with both Jamaican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos.

The red, gold and green packaging on The Upsetters is an homage to reggae culture. The art on the inside of the box is inspired by…


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Review: 2016 Quesada Oktoberfest Das Brauhaus

The folks over at Quesada Cigars have done a great job of making their brand synonymous with this time of year.  When I think about Oktoberfest I think of malty beers and Quesada cigars.  Tatuaje owns Halloween and Quesada owns Oktoberfest.

2015 was the year that Quesada introduced two limited edition Nicaraguan versions of their Oktoberfest blend.  The Das Brauhaus is one of those Nicaraguan blends and it was one of my favorites last year.  This year's blend is said to be the same…


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Review: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli Maduro

La Gloria Cubana announced earlier this year they would be adding a Maduro extension on to the Serie R Esteli and Serie R Black lines. The Serie R Esteli Maduro released as a physical store brand, while the Serie R Black Maduro was online ordering only.

The Serie R Esteli Maduro is available in three vitolas, and 18 count boxes. The No. 54 (6x54), No. 60 (6x60), and the No. 64 (6-1/4x54).



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Review: Aguila

Recently,iHavanas released a new brand that is their brand. It is called Aguila and it is made in Nicaragua. Little information is given out about the blend right now, but iHvanas asked for my thoughts and I told them I would be more than glad to share them. I did not know any information about the blend before I smoked it, so I was going in blind but I was quickly surprised by how much I enjoyed the cigar. Information about the cigar is…


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Review: Nomad SA-17 Coronita

Fred describes the profile of the SA-17 as being medium full, like a C-276, but with the added richness of San Andres tobacco.

The C-276 ranks as one of my favorite sticks Fred has done to date. Hearing that the profile brings that sort of body to the table had me very excited for the cigars to hit the market.

Sold in 21 count boxes, they’re available in 4 vitolas. A Corinita (5-1/2x46), Robusto (5x50), Toro (6x50) and a Shorty (4x46).


Check out our…


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Review: RoMa Craft Tobac CroMagnon Firecracker

One of the fun projects in the cigar industry is a recurring annual release from Two Guys Smoke Shop. Originally launched in 2007, David Garofalo had Jose Don “Pepin” Garcia produce a short cigar with a pig tail cap approximating a fuse. That release has become a tradition, changing factories through various incarnations.

The 2016 release comes from RoMa Craft Tobac and Skip Martin as the CroMagnon blend, produced in a 3-1/2x50…


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Review: Charter Oak Broadleaf

There was a lot of excitement in 2015 when Nick Melillo announced he was starting  Foundation Cigar Company. His first release, the El Gueguense, was a great cigar but disappointed some who were expecting a Broadleaf wrapper from the “Chief of the Broadleaf”. The Tabernacle and Charter Oak 2016 cigars prominently feature Broadleaf wrappers.

Nick described the Charter Oak as his homage to Connecticut, and Nick’s grandfather. The box features the Charter Oak tree, discovered in the 12th…


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Review: Powstanie Habano Perfecto

Produced out of the Nica Sueno factory, the Powstanie Habano and Broadleaf wrapper options came about as sampler packs that were mailed out to customers. The customers voted for their favorite, and the Habano won by a slim margin. Since both were popular they decided to release both. Originally just released in the Cigar Hustler store, it was made available to other retailers in November 2015.

The symbol for Powstanie pays homage to the Kotwica, which was the emblem for…


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Review: Matilde Quadrata

In late Spring, Matilde Cigars announced their third line as a company. The line was to be showcased at the 2016 IPCPR and ship to retailers right afterwards. It would be the company's first box pressed cigar and it would be a cigar that they said would fall between Renacer and Oscura in terms of strength, body and flavors. I have been a fan of everything the company has done since they hit the market in 2014, and I have great respect for the Seijas Family and appreciate the blends that Jose…


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Group Review: Warped Maestro del Tiempo

The Warped Maestro del Tiempo debuted at IPCPR 2016 in Las Vegas.  Kyle Gellis and the folks at Warped actually had a few different releases at this year's trade show.  We sat down with Kyle on Day 4 to get some insight on the new blends.  Jump to the 2:03 mark for info on the Maestro del Tiempo.



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Review: Warped Villa Sombra Mecedora

We sat down with Kyle Gellis of Warped Cigars on the last day of the IPCPR 2016 in Las Vegas to talk about their new releases. The Warped Villa Sombra is produced at the Casa Fernandez owned TABSA factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

The Villa Sombra is being released as 25 count boxes in two vitolas, a Mojitos (5-1/2”x44) and Mecedora (5-1/2”x50). It should be hitting the market sometime in September.


Check out our interview with Kyle Gellis at IPCPR 2016 in Las…


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Review: Nomad Martial Law

At the IPCPR 2016 in Las Vegas, Fred Rewey described the Martial Law as a double ligero cigar that came about in the process of blending the Lot 8613. The Martial Law contains tobaccos from Condega, Esteli, Ometepe, and Jalapa in the filler.

The Martial Law comes out of the Fabrica Oveja Negra in Nicaragua, and is released in the single Toro (6x50) vitola, packaged in 12 count boxes.


Check out our interview with Fred Rewey at IPCPR 2016 in Las…


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Review: La Palina Goldie Dalia

Since 2012, La Palina has worked with El Titan de Bronze in Miami, Florida to create the annual release of the La Palina Goldie. No more than 25,000 cigars are released in a year, it was originally less when the program started and all of those cigars are rolled by one individual, Maria Sierra. Maria is a Category 9 roller, and for 32 years she worked at El Lagutio in Havana, Cuba, rolling true Cohibas. The concept of smoking a cigar that is rolled by one individual is brilliant and amazing,…


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Review: Herrera Esteli Miami

At the IPCPR 2016 in Las Vegas we caught up with Willy Herrera and he talked about the latest incarnation of the Herrera Esteli line.

The Herrera Esteli Miami marks the first time a Drew Estate cigar has been blended and rolled at the El Titan de Bronze factory in Miami. The blend has been adjusted, using tobaccos available at El Titan de Bronze.

The cigars are available in 10 count boxes, one vitola (Corona Larga), and production is limited to 4,000…


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Review: Foundation Cigars The Tabernacle

When I think Nick Melillo, I think Connecticut Broadleaf.  So, naturally, I was rather pumped when I heard that Foundation Cigars was introducing the Broadleaf wrapped Tabernacle at IPCPR.

The Tabernacle hit stores in early August and is available in six sizes:

  • 4 1/2 x 52 Torpedo in 24 count boxes
  • 5 1/4  x 46 Corona in 24 count boxex
  • 5 x 50 Robusto in 24 count boxes
  • 6 x 52 Toro in 24 count boxes…

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Review: Davidoff Grand Cru

At this year's IPCPR, Davidoff announced that they would be expanding the Davidoff Grand Cru Series. The Grand Cru Series has been on the market for years and it is an old school line in many ways. Until this year the line did not have offerings with a ring gauge over 43, you can see why it may not be popular with Americans and do well overseas, but this year they announced that they would release two offerings with ring gauges of 52 and 54. Since then the cigars have been on the market, and…


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Pre-Release Review: All Out Kings

During the Drew Estate Cigar Safari in February, Jonathan Drew, Willy Herrera and Robert Caldwell announced the upcoming collaboration project of All Out Kings. Fast forward to the IPCPR 2016 in Las Vegas and we have a cigar to review and some details on the release.

Released as boxes of 20, they will be available in 4 vitolas. Gimme Your…


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