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My Father Connecticut, Oliva Orchant, a Little PDR, and a Toraño

Sunday afternoon I took the two mile trip to the cigar show since it was bitterly cold and windy.  I finally smoked the My Father Connecticut Toro.  This is a 6½” x 54 Ecuador wrapped beauty is made from tobacco grown on the Garcia’s farms in Nicaragua (except the wrapper) and cut and lit nicely. I was quite impressed with everything about this cigar. It burned perfectly, had a great draw and gave me a nice hour and a half or so of relaxation. I have been spending more time at this…


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La Aurora Untamed, La Palina and Recluse: All Maduro, All Dominican, All Tasty!

The La Aurora Untamed is a new release from the oldest cigar maker in the Dominican Republic, and is a departure from the norm in a few ways.  As it’s name suggests, the Untamed is a strong cigar. It’s got a dark, rustic Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper surrounding Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers.  The packaging is also a departure from the traditional and classy presentation of the rest of the La Aurora line, with a noticeably agitated lion’s head roaring in front of what appear to be…


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Macanudo, Leccia, Tortuga and Montecristo Cigars

Sunday was supposed to be much warmer, in the 50s, but I don’t think it got out of the 40s. I still managed to get two cigar walks in. I started with a Macanudo. I know what you’re thinking, but this was the Estate Reserve no. III robusto from the 2013 IPCPR show. The Estate Reserve uses Dominican tobacco for the binder and filler, which is aged eight to ten years, and a proprietary wrapper leaf grown by a private grower in the Connecticut river valley. The cigar is silky smooth and…


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Smoking Semi-Traditional Cigars from Rocky Patel, Perdomo and La Flor Dominicana

I titled this the way I did because it seems like there are three basic categories when it comes to cigar brands, the old school, the boom brands that stuck, and the newer boutiques. Obviously the brands with Cuban names fall into the first category, Partagas, Montecristo, as well as Macanudo, which has been around since way before the mid-90s cigar boom. Then there are brands like Perdomo, Rocky Patel, La Flor Dominicana, that started in the 90s, either had a family tradition in the…


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A CAO Flathead and a Headlines 1st and 2nd Edition by Fusion Cigars

I’ve only got a few cigars to feature today, largely for two reasons. First is I came home from work Friday with a screaming migraine, the second wave of which I woke up with today), and yesterday I just managed to get too much accomplished in one of our new house renovations.  I attribute this weekend’s migraines to the weather, they are calling for snow and rain again, and that’s generally a pretty normal trigger. The room wave been working on lately is a 12×10 room between the…


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The Tantrum P.A. by the Ezra Zion Cigar Company, makers of the popular Jamais Vu and FHK, is the follow-up release to the limited edition, original Tantrum (my #1 cigar of 2013). The P.A. in the name stands for “Passive Aggressive” which the company says is in reference to the “strength-mild-strength…


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A 1502 Ruby Cigar, a MUWAT and a Merlion Sea Lion

Cold and snow, but fortunately not any where near the snow that was predicted or our neighbors to the north got! I can’t complain too much about this winter so far.  It’s only really dissuaded me from taking my evening cigar and Macha walks a couple times, and the enclosed porch has been fairly comfortable.  If we can get through the next six weeks or so without too much bad weather I’ll be happy. I still look forward to basking in the warm sunshine with a cigar! On Sunday evening I…


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Ezra Zion, East India Trading Co. Classic Cigar and an Orchant Seleccion by Oliva

With all the talk of the lifting of Cuban Embargo, and all the speculation that goes along with it, it got me thinking about what happens when the embargo is actually lifted and Cuban cigars make their way to US retailers shelves. Of course, there will be a huge number of people who want to try what was the forbidden fruit, and the Cuban cigar industry will be struggling to meet the demand.  It seems to me that opening the US market will effectively double that demand. One point I…


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Finishing Up the La Aurora Preferido Coronas and Bernie Parent at Goose’s

Thursday evening I smoked the Ecuador (Sumatra) La Aurora Preferidos corona.  While this was an exceptional cigar, it had a hint of bitterness that put it in fourth place flavor-wise among the one I’ve smoked thus far in comparison.  That’s not to say it wasn’t better than many cigars out there, it just didn’t hit my palate as favorably as the others. The construction was perfect and no oozing tar! I’ve got the Maduro (Brazil) and the Broadleaf coming up, I hope I didn’t set the bar…


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Another Marcus Daniel Kiev and Some La Aurora Preferidos

Sunday afternoon I decided to tackle the Connecticut Shade version of the Marcus Daniel Kiev Gran Parejo, whSunday afternoon I decided to tackle the Connecticut Shade version of the Marcus Daniel Kiev Gran Parejo, which is a large 6½ x 57 shade wrapped cigar. The cigar is pretty, and it smoked very nicely. It was very mild for the first half, almost to the point of being off-putting, making me wish I had selected something else. It eventually picked up to near medium with a…


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Gran Habano STK Baracuda and a Marcus Daniel Cigars Kiev and a Video

It’s been a slow smoking week for me, the bitter cold here having some bearing on that.  So I figured it would be a good time so smoke some new, interesting and unusual cigars.  Friday I decided to spark up the Baracuda Maduro that the the folks at Gran Habano had sent me a few months ago. This was presented at last summer’s IPCPR show, and features a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper, not something you typically see!  The wrapper was a few shades lighter than a typical maduro, and it had…


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Cigar smokers tend to think the industry is entirely the province of the Americas, but upon closer inspection we come to realize that’s really not the case. There is plenty of high-quality leaf grown in Africa and Asia, and there is, of course, no shortage of smokers around the world, along with cigar makers who…


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MBombay, La Sirena, EP Carillo, Inka Secret Blend and a Quesada Cigar

It’s gotten darned cold here in PA, my enclosed porch is nice, but tonight I’m sitting in a Cigar Cigars store that’s two miles from home smoking a Quesada Oktoberfest that was on the half off table. Nice smoke, just getting it going. Sunday I smoked a couple Churchill sized cigars, a MBombay Classic with a Connecticut shade wrapper that was fantastic. It was creamy and well behaved and kept me company while I was on the phone holding for Verizon to no avail. Great afternoon cigar,…


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Tops of The Year, Roberto P. Duran Winner and General Nonsense

Today’s post is going to be a little of everything. It’s my last day of a 14 day vacation, and I really want to get something accomplished today, so I want to get this done!  I’ve got some top “x” lists,  Some cigars I smoked, and a contest winner!  I’ll start with some cigars I smoked that I found interesting. I generally spend the end of December smoking either cigar that are featured in the giveaways, or cigars I’ve featured in the past and want to revisit, or special occasion…


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The Happy New Year Roberto P. Duran and Assorted Goodies Contest!

I’m sure you’re all tired of cigar giveaways by now, but Jack Toraño at Roberto P. Duran Cigars wanted to get in on the 12SDoCG, and I was full up! Also, I had some extra goodies around that I wanted to find a good home for, so the winner of this event will receive two  shipments, the cigars from Roberto P. Duran in Florida, and one from me.  I’m also going to try out something new (to me), using RaffleCopter to picke my winner.  I’ve included several ways to enter, the usual “leave a…


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To’Makao Fine Cigars and Goose’s Tobacco Outlet and Cafe

It’s been a while since my last normal post.  The two weeks of contests was great, I hope everyone enjoyed winning and having the chance to win a lot of great cigars. Thanks again to all the sponsors!  One of the great things about these contests is when someone reasonably local wins.  I had two such opportunities this year, the first on Day 1.  This saved me postage and allowed me to meet a reader and visit a new store. Adam won the Gurkha goodies, and I met him at To’Makao Fine…


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Review: Dominion Black Lotus Robusto

Dominion Black Lotus Robusto



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Back in June we reviewed the Sindicato, the flagship release from Sindicato Cigars, a company formed by a group of retailers with the sole intention of putting retailers and consumers first. Today we take a look at the Sindicato Maduro, released back in October of this year. The Maduro joins its Natural…


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CigarCraig's 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways!

Stop by every day for the next two weeks and enter to win fabulous cigar prizes!  I'm not going to post here every day, so I'm trusting you all to stop by and check it out. The sheer volume of goodies is unprecedented in history! 

Happy Holidays to everyone in Cigar Federation land!


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Review: Villa Zamorano by Maya Selva Cigars

Back in November Gabriel Alvarez was on Cigar Chat representing Maya Selva Cigars, and yours truly won a fiver of the Villa Zambrano No 15.  Honestly up until this show, I knew absolutely nothing about the Maya Selva brand.  So I was really thrilled to be a winner and really looked forward to trying…


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