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A Gurkha, a Couple More Villiger NicaRomas, a Leccia Black and a Guest Cigar Review

It’s the eve of Independence Day, and I have a four day weekend ahead of me.  Then it’s five long work days before heading to Vegas for the IPCPR show.  I’ll be throwing out videos and photos from the show as wireless access allows.  We are looking forward to bringing unique content from the show.  Gee, I hope there’s something new and interesting there to see!  Anyway, I smoked a few cigars this week. starting with a …


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Famous Smoke Shop's Cigarnival 2013

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Famous Smoke Shop‘s Cigarnival in Easton, PA. About an hour and a half drive from home.  I have visited this location before and the store and restaurant there are quite nice and the building that houses the entire operation is massive.  They have plenty of space outside to erect a huge main tent, two…


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A Bunch of Cigars: UF-13 Dark, Reinado, Draig, NicaRoma and a La Gloria Cubana

I've had a good cigar week so far!  It started Sunday afternoon when I decided to treat myself to one of my rare Liga Privada Serie Unico UF-13 Dark.  I know when I want to have a really outstanding cigar experience I can rely on something Liga Privada or one of it’s cousins from Drew Estate, an Undercrown or a Chateau Real (maduro).  So I hit the back deck with the UF-13…


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An Arandoza, a La Aurora, an Upmann, a Tatuaje and a Tobacco History Lesson

This week was a bit of a blur, welcome to summer, the fastest season of the year!  I guess I just love the hot weather, spending time in the pool with a nice cigar, or jumping in the pool and taking a walk with a cigar afterwards. That’s why the summer is gone before I know it.  It’s a much more pleasant time than winter when you can't get enough clothes on to keep warm!   Case in point, I got home from work Thursday and jumped in the pool, then took a…


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My Father’s Day Esperanza para los Niños, a Trilogy of Cigar Stores and Some News!

When we left off I was enjoying Father’s Day with my kids and granddaughter.  After they went home I lit up the Esperanza para los Niños Churchill. This was my last Churchill, from a handful generously gifted to me by a friend who won a box in the mid ‘00s. A few of these examples had an odd burn problem around the three quarter mark, and a hint of ammonia, which…


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Leccia Tobacco, a Black and a White at the Event, and Custom Rolled Cigar

For some reason I’m a sucker for cigar events (go figure!).  I happened to notice that Sam Leccia was travelling with Jack Toraño, the marketing director for Toraño Family Cigar Co. who is distributing Leccia Tobacco’s new offerings.   So Thursday evening they were doing an event at the CigarCigars stores in Colmar, PA.  They couldn’t have the event at the store that’s 10 minutes…


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Villiger Talanga, a New Cigar Size in Bernie Parent's Line, and a Humidor Update

Monday evening was rainy. I actually thought there was a break in the showers long enough to take the dog for  walk, but it turned out it was only long enough to get a cigar lit and get a little ways down the road before it started pouring again. I suppose if I had walked farther before it started pouring it would have been worse, as it was I ran the dog home and sat in the garage while I enjoyed my last …


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A New Cigar: Ezra Zion Inception


This week I was presented with a unique opportunity, to try a new cigar from the guys at Cigar Federation, the Ezra Zion.  Kudos to them for dreaming of producing a cigar line and…


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12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways Countdown! A Monte Pascoal, a My Uzi and a Cain

It’s been a busy week, I’ve been gearing up for the 12 Spectacular Days of Cigar Giveaways and the weather was mild and rainy for the fist part of the week, and cold at the end.  This didn’t stop me from getting in a few interesting cigars though!


Mid way through the week I took a walk with a …


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