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Reinado Grand Empire Reserve, Nomad S-307 and Custom Tobacco’s Briarmont Cigar

After beginning the week with three less than satisfying cigars, I decided Thursday called for a high probability, sure thing smoke. I’d had my eye on a Reinado Grand Empire Reserve Petite Lancero that Reinado emperor Antonio Lam had given me at the IPCPR show. This size is limited, only about 10, 000 of these were made and my example lacked the GER secondary band. I have had exceptional experiences with the Reinado brand, and count…


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Balls of Steel, Smoke Inn Toy Drive and Felipe Gregorio Defiant Cigars

I have to mix things up a little bit from time to time, so before I get into the cigars I’ve enjoyed on my evening walks, I’d like to share a couple of opportunities to be charitable.  The first item I’d like to share is  Balls of Steel is an ice alternative for those of you who enjoy chilled spirits. Fifteen percent of the proceeds go toward testicular cancer research. I don’t drink, but I do…


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New Joya de Nicaragua, a Crossfire and Some Alec Bradley Cigars

It was another week of smoking worthy cigars!  I’ve been quite fortunate lately, at least as far as cigars go.  I was less fortunate on my commute home Thursday when I hit my first deer.  I suppose the deer was even less fortunate than me, and it bothers me that it probably died a slow, painful death someplace, I’d have felt better if I had killed it, I think.  Some damage to the Yaris, which I had switched to last week after a deer ran in front of me on the scooter.  Coming home at…


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UF-13, Villiger and La Palina Lanceros and an OSOK Cigar

We’ve had a bit of a cold snap here in Pennsylvania. I don’t like it one bit! Not only is it dark when I get home, but it’s cold too! It gives new meaning to taking a brisk walk! I still need the exercise and so does the dog, so I grab a cigar and go! As I said last time, I’ve gotten the ball rolling for this years Christmas contests and am already 75% there with boxes of cigars already starting to roll in! Last year is going to be tough to top, but I’m certainly going to try! I smoked…


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A Man O’War, A Joya de Nicaragua and a New Nomad Cigar

As the evenings get colder, my desire to smoke fuller bodied cigars increases.  Normally I’ll smoke just about any strength cigar, but I lose milder cigars in the cold air.  I have a beautiful Connecticut Shade wrapped cigar that the folks at Custom Tobacco sent me, complete with a personalized band, that I’ve been putting off smoking for this reason.  I really want to be able to give this cigar my complete attention and smoke it in daylight and…


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Ora Vivo Armand Assante Cigar Dinner

Last night my wife, Jennifer, and I drove up to Matawan, New Jersey to attend a cigar dinner hosted by the Smoker’s Havenstores, Victor VitaleGary Macchione, with special guest Armand Assante.  The dinner was held at …


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Cigar Mojo – NeCigar Mojo – New Shop and Lounge in Suburban Philly

Wednesday evening I stopped into a new shop and lounge in the King of Prussia area outside Philadelphia, PA.  Cigar Mojo is a joint venture between father and son, Wade and Trae Roberts. I first met Trae a couple months ago at theWooden Indian in nearby Havertown, PA. They finally opened for business on Wednesday, so I stopped in to see the…


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IPCPR 2013 – Epicurean Cigars, Gonzo Vintage 2007 and AG Azul Vintage 2008

Sunday afternoon I found myself browsing the expansive humidor of the Cigar-ette City store in Peoples Plaza shopping center in Newark , Delaware. This is the flagship store of the Delaware Cigars chain which is managed by Emilio Cigars’ Gary Griffith. Jim was working in…


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IPCPR 2013 - Emilio Cigars and House Of Emilio, an AF2 and a La Musa

I’m getting down to the last couple videos from the IPCPR show, and I had, up until recently, no cigars to pair with them. That’s not entirely true, I have a selection of cigars from Gary Griffith’s Emilio line and various brands he distributes, but nothing new and exciting.  That is until a box arrived in the mail last week with some new samples!  Thanks Gary! Perfect timing! The House of Emilio handles a bunch of…


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An Ora Vivo, a Macanudo, a Padilla and the Gurkha Cigar Contest Winner!

Wow. Monday was a huge day as far as website traffic and comments went. It actually eclipsed my best day ever, last December when I was giving away a bunch of Drew Estate cigars and swag! I seem to have severely underestimated the Gurkha Nation, they are a force to be reckoned with! We have a crazy number of entries, stay tuned for the winner announcement after we talk…


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Gurkha Cellar Reserve, East India Trading Co. and a Contest!

After receiving a wonderful package from the folks at Gurkha last week, I decided to dig into some of the samples from the last IPCPR show.  As always, the folks at Gurkha have an enormous booth and always have some exciting offerings.  I’m the first to admit that I’m intimidated by the huge array of products in the Gurkha portfolio.  I haven’t smoked a tenth of the lines they produce, but the ones I have smoked…


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La Gloria Cubana, Cuenca 5 Anniversary, Arandoza White and a Velvet Rat Cigar

Friday evening I dove into the Adorini Cedro – Deluxe humidor and came out with a La Gloria Cubana Serie N GSB, which is a nice chunky robusto size at  5½”x 54.  I haven’t smoked one of these in a long time and I really enjoyed them. Unlike the new Serie R Black and Esteli, these are a heavily Nicaraguan…


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A Cuban Stock Triumph and a Tortuga 215 Reserva, a Philly Connection

This week I smoked a couple cigars with a Philadelphia connection.  This was purely by accident, as I had planned a different cigar for tonight’s walk, with a completely different tie in, but I couldn’t find the cigars I was looking for.  This could indicate a problem, I’m not sure.  Seems like I need to do some organizational work in the humidors, which are still a bit of a mess after returning from the IPCPR show.  I’ll get it worked out eventually, I…


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2 Guys Smoke Shop and The Cigar Authority

This weekend my wife and I got in the car and drove north to New Hampshire for a weekend getaway.  One of the destinations on our list was the 2 Guys Smoke Shop in Nashua.  I’ve been hearing about this chain of shops for years through various channels, it was about time I paid a visit.  Dave Garofalo just celebrated his 28th year in business.  As well as running the three stores in New Hampshire,  he has a mail…


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Aging Room, Alec Bradley, Debonaire, Viaje Cigars and an Upcoming Trip

We've had some nice weather here in southeast PA, so it’s been a pleasure taking my evening walks.  I’ve managed to get some nice cigars in (so whats new?).

Sunday evening I  grabbed an Aging Room Small Batch M-356 toro that Rafael Nodal gave me at the Cigarnival last June.  This is a cigar that is new to…


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Stooges and Stogies©, A Toraño, and Undercrown and a Dignity Cigar

Last night we attended the very first Stooges and Stogies© event hosted by Chester County, PA author Jim Breslin.  Jim had his friend Chris set up an outdoor screen and a projector (the old fashioned kind with reels and film!), set out a spread and had some kegs of microbrews on tap, and we watched Three Stooges shorts all night.  I thought this was a great idea and took along some cigars to share.  Of course,…


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A MUWAT Kentucky Fire Cured, a J. Fuego, a Villiger and an Editorial

It’s been a weird and busy week. The onset of Autumn bums me out. There were events I could have gone to, but just wanted to be at home.  On weekdays I’m happiest to come home from work and stay there.  I skipped the Delaware Cigar festival yesterday because we were supposed to pick up our son st the airport after a 23 day trip, and I’ve been the the last couple years. Its a great event, don’t get me wrong, and I love seeing old friends, but do you guys really want to hear about it…


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IPCPR 2013 - Leccia Tobacco, a CAO and JetbagCigar Evaluation

I had a comment on last Wednesday’s installment taking me to task on my use of the name “San Andreas”.  Doug said:

“Cigar leaf wrappers do not come from San Andreas –that is a small town in California that (to my knowledge) does not grow tobacco. However,  San Andres in Mexico is the prime tobacco growing region of that country. “

Of course, Doug is right.…


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Berger and Argenti, Smoke Inn’s Quesada Micoblend and Fratello Cigars

I’m still working on smoking IPCPR show samples, but a couple smokes came into my possession since the show that I thought needed mentioning. Thursday evening I smoked a Berger and Argenti “Fatso” Dipper.  This funny little 4″x 62 perfecto is severely square pressed.  It actually measures about one inch x one-half inch, giving it the same proportions as a 2×4.  The first example I smoked a couple weeks ago left me…


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PDR and Primer Mundo Cigars Were On The Menu This Week

I’ve not knowingly smoked many cigar from the PDR portfolio, but after this weeks sampling, I may have to re-think that position.  I recently received some samples from them and decided this would be a good time to smoke them and see what the forks at PDR (which used to be Pinar del Rio Cigars) have been up to.

Read all about the smokes at…


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