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In the Cigar Mojo Humidor with Victor Vitale of Legacy Brands

Tuesday evening we found ourselves, once again, at Cigar Mojo in King of Prussia PA to meet with our friend Victor Vitale of Legacy Brands.  You’ve heard me mention Cigar Mojo on occasion, it’s not the closest cigar store to me, but we’ve come to feel at home there as they have a terrific humidor and lounge, and Trae and Wade, the owners,  make us welcome when we visit.  Victor now lives in Philadelphia, his home town, and Mojo is conveniently located just about directly between our…


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Another CigarMojo Event, an Alec Bradley, a Recluse and a CAO Cigars Contest

Thursday came around and one of our favorite lounges in the area was having an early Father's Day event, so we (my wife and I) took a drive to King Of Prussia PA for a visit.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Philadelphia area, King of Prussia is the home of the larges shopping mall on the east coast.  It's big, actually two malls, and it's evolved from a strip center in the '60s to what it is today. There is a cigar shop in the mall with a smoking area, which is nice when your…


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Jaxx LT, Stixx and Jaxx from La Sirena Cigars

A few weeks ago La Sirena Cigars announced the acquisition of Old School Cigar Co. and the addition of their three lines to their own. I received samples and eagerly smoked a Jaxx and a Stixx after a week in the humidor. I didn’t comment on them here, because something was a little off, there was an odd aftertaste that was quite off-putting. I had a hard time believing that two cigars made in different factories could share that one odd aftertaste. I mentioned this to Max at Team La…


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Kristoff CRA, 601 Bunker Buster and La Jugada Cigars

I’ve been largely absent from writing and social media since my wife’s father passed away this week.  My wife has been busy making arrangements and tomorrow he’ll be laid to rest in New Jersey. I’m sure everyone understands why I missed my Wednesday post for the first time in several years.  I smoked many cigars with Mario over the years, I remember him telling me early on that cigars cooled you off on a hot day, and he had a story about coming through customs at the Canadian border with a…


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La Gloria Cubana, Padrón, Leccia Luchador and Recluse Draconian

I have to take a quick rewind to last week.  I smoke two spectacular cigars leading up to Memorial Day Weekend that need to be discussed. First was a special cigar I got when I met up with Michael Giannini a few years ago at a La Gloria Cubana event at Famous Smoke Shop. This was a special La Gloria Artesanos de Tabaqueros in a 4.5 x 50 format that had a Sumatra and Connecticut broadleaf wrapper as opposed to the Ecuador Connecticut and Sumatra that’s on the production version. Boy, I…


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CAO Flathead Tour with Ricky Rodriquez, a Contest Winner and ANOTHER CONTEST!

Yesterday I took a drive out to Colmar, PA to the Cigar Cigars store for a CAO Flathead event with Ricky Rodriguez. I got there a few minutes after the event was supposed to start, so I took a look around he expansive humidor. They’ve rearranged the store since my last visit, moving the counter to the front and making a larger public lounge area. I had mixed emotions about what I saw on the buy one/get one table. On the one hand, I was sad to see cigars like the Leccia Black and White,…


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Lancero Weekend! Herrera Esteli and 1502 Cigars

I decided this weekend would be Lancero weekend, as I recently accumulated several samples in that format.  This is a size that everyone seems to want, but retailers say it doesn’t sell, so manufacturers don’t want to make a bunch. I guess that’s why they are usually released as special or limited editions. I like the size, and I have a bunch of them in the humidors. It’s an elegant size, and I really haven’t had the burn problems that they used to have years…


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JdN Quatro Cinco, Casa Fernandez Miami Reserva and the Nomad Connecticut Fuerte

I’m going to lead off with the usual reminder to head on over to ; and make sure you make an educated comment on the FDA deeming document. This is scary stuff, folks. Nuff said.  I also wanted to make a bit of a policy statement.  Rest assured that when I receive products they are either for evaluation or for contest prizes. At no time will I ever sell, raffle, or otherwise profit from…


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Cigar Rights and Some Alec Bradley Cigars

I usually present the cigars I’ve smoked over the last few days, but I had a weird experience this week, and I’m going to hold off on talking about those cigars until I give them some more humidor time and revisit them. All I’ll say is I smoked two cigars that had a really odd finish, and while they were from the same company,  they were made in completely different factories. Unless they had a common component that had a flavor that just didn’t play well with my chemistry,  I’m going…


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Bodega Premium Blends Reunión Aperitivo and Digestivo Cigars

Bodega Premium Blends is one of the newer additions to the House of Emilio group of boutique manufacturers.  From what I can gather, the brand was started by four cigar loving entrepreneurs from the Great White North. They currently have two cigars in their Reunión line, the Aperitivo and Digestivo, which are available in three sizes. I received one of each in the 5” x 54 “Double Robusto” size recently in a goodie bag from Gary Griffith.

See more at:…


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A Rodrigo Lancero, a Leccia Luchador and a Surrogates Skull Breaker

Lots going on this week, between weather and migraines, I’ve been a bit off my game.  I still managed to smoke some great cigars though. It wasn’t easy, but it has to be done!  Before I get into the cigars, I’d like to point you to another great article regarding FDA regulation, and implore you to make your feelings known on the page so we can save our hobby, our passion from being disrupted unnecessarily. Patrick Semmens wrote an excellent article last week:…


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A Post-Flyers-Loss Liga Privada UF-13, a Toraño and a Pre-Flyers-Win Kings Cigar

Cigars are funny things, they can be a celebration, or they can pick you up when you’re down. Sunday I needed a pick-up cigar after the Flyers lost to the Rangers in a playoff game they needed to win.  I went for one of the best cigars I have in my humidors, a Drew Estate Liga Privada Serie Unico UF-13 Dark. I’ve had the good fortune to have smoked a bunch of these and, I have to say, I like them. The size (5½” x 52) works very well, its perfectly balanced and satisfying. It’s…


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La Jugada, Gonzo, Vanadium, News From the FDA and La Sirena

I revisited some cigars this week as well as trying a new one and there were some big news stories. I was plagued with migraines at the end of the week, so I took Friday off to recover. I think raw onions are another trigger along with red dye 40 (and maybe the yellow dyes too, not sure about that one). Anyway, I did manage to smoke a few cigars, let me ramble on about them before we get to the important stuff!



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Chateau Real, Flor de Nicaragua, Nestor Miranda and Draig Cigars

I honestly cant recall the circumstances on Thursday that led me to a short smoke, but I dipped into my dwindling supply of Chateau Real Small Club Corona Maduros for a quick, but delicious smoke. Sadly, Drew Estate discontinued this line, I suppose because everyone didn’t like them as much as I did. I personally believe the price point was a little high for a mild to medium traditional cigar from a company who, at the time, was known for their infused cigars. I bought a box of these…


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Three Toros: Gurkha, Nica Rustica and Tortuga Cigars

The weather here in PA is all over the place!  Sunday it was darned near 80, and today it snowed in some places and the temps didn't get too far out of the 40s.  This didn't stop me from smoking what used to be considered larger cigars. The Toro has been among my favorite sizes since I started smoking cigars in the 90s. Six inches by 50, 52 or 56 is in the ballpark, not as fat as the 60 ring gauge cigars, nor as long as a Churchill or double corona.  They are usually good for an hour…


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A Toraño, an Undercrown, a Cain and Hockey With No Cigars!

Thursday I took a half day at work because I won tickets to the NCAA Frozen Four at the Wells Fargo center in Philly from our local NBC TV Station. So, in preparation,  I took a walk with the dog and a Toraño Vault A-008 toro thst I believe came out of the 90+ sampler that Jack Toraño sent me last year (many thanks again, Jack!). The cigar has a flawless shade grown…


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Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro and Extra Fuerte Cigars

I’ve been sampling the new additions to the Partagas 1845 line this week. The regular 1845 was released about 2 years ago and I really enjoyed them, I thought it was a solid addition to an already excellent line. This year they’ve come out with two line extensions, the Extra Fuerte and Extra Oscuro. As they’ve recently done with the La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli and Black, they’ve earmarked the Extra Fuerte for Brick and Mortar stores and the Extra Oscuro for the Internet and catalog…


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A Relajado, a CAO Flathead, and a Byron Cigar

Thursday I revisited the Relajado Robusto, which is a house brand from Best Cigar Prices. The cigar is made by General cigar, the trademark rounded head gives that away.  Despite the band being pretty cheesy, and looking like a cheap bundle cigar instead of a reasonably priced boxed cigar, this was pretty darned nice. It reminded me a little of the …


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D & S Cigar Lounge and Fratello Cigars

Yesterday turned out to be a beautiful spring day, so, after cleaning up some more of the tree limbs from one of the winter's ice storms, I dusted off he scooter and took it for a spin. Now, when I say scooter, I actually mean scooter. I have a 400cc Yamaha Majesty because I'm a geek, what can I say. It's big enough to go on the highway and gets 65 mpg. Loads of fun. Anyway, I took a ride out to Lancaster, PA to visit D&S Cigar Lounge. I…


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A Camacho Candela for St. Patrick’s Day

While everyone was smokingAlec Bradley Filthy Hooligans on Monday, leave it to me to be different. Long before AB’s master stroke of marketing the candela wrapped Black Market (which I really like, and despite them being sold out at the event I went to, as well as at Holt’s, I grabbed a couple more at a local shop) I bought a box of Camacho Corojo Monarca (robusto) with…


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