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Review: 1502 Black Gold Toro

I picked up a pair of 1502 Black Gold Toro's along with some 1502 Emerald Toro's as a part of a ‘build your own House of Emilio sampler’ on the Cigar Federation store.  

Now I know what some of you might be thinking.  Here we go, ol’ Surge has sold out and is pitching Emilio products in his reviews!   I always want to make sure that people…


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Review: La Jugada Prieto Robusto 5x52

             It’s day four of IPCPR (yeah I know that was almost a year ago, but I only review one cigar a week, deal with it), weariness has crept in, my body is weak, and my mind not as sharp after a long night of hanging with G and the Bodega crew.  Only Rob stuck with me the night before, and needless to say, I needed a pick me up the next day.  Logan was pulling me left and right as we attempted to get to the booth to begin the day.  Enter La Jugada, with a Prieto and Cuban espresso…


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Review: Bodega Aperitivo Corona Gorda

             Chances are, if you hang out on twitter or in the cigar social media world, you probably heard about Bodega as one of their fearless leaders, Cigar_G, has a unique presence you could say.  His combination of humor and fervor for cigars is rather original to say the least.  I had the pleasure of hanging with the Bodega crew at IPCPR, well before their cigars were released or finished, and got to see the partnership with the House of Emilio blossom on the show floor.  Rob…


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Review: Total Flame Nicaragua


             If you have not noticed, Total Flame seems to be making good impressions in the review world.  I posted a review of the FTW (click here) and raved about it to everyone in forums across the internet, while bugging Rob and Logan to pick them up.  It seems since then, they keep getting positive feedback on Cigar Federation and throughout the blogging world.  I…


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Review: Guayacan Torpedo

I had waited a while to get back to reviewing another one of the samples Guayacan owner Noel Rojas had given to me at IPCPR.  Knowing the maduro was a little strong for my tastes, I figured letting the natural line age for six months or so might be advantageous to my palate.  I reviewed the maduro here, and interviewed Noel at IPCPR…


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Review: Padron 40th Torpedo Natural

             Reading into Padron’s historical ratings really requires an Excel spreadsheet.  When you consider what this company has done, their history is unmatched.  I cannot think of a company with a small portfolio, which has review after review of high ratings from the cheapest to most expensive cigar.  Across the board from bloggers, magazines, reviewers, critics, you will always find Padron.  When I think of the best maduro on earth, I think of PAdron.  When I got into cigars after…


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Event: Drew Estate RedditCATS Cigar Safari 2014 Part 3

Part 3 – Day 2, Thursday. Tobacco, Oliva and Joya oh my!.

I've talked about it in the past, but there's something about going from a high elevation place to a low elevation, high heat and high humidity place.  People have asked me in the past how I'm able to smoke so many cigars while on the Cigar Safari.   Honestly if I were to smoke 4 cigars in half a day at home I would likely spend most of the evening and the next day sick. 

I think it's a combination of being able to…


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Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story

Wrapper: Cameroon (Dominican Republic)

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic

Price: $5

Rating: 9/10

Cigars Smoked: 1


Those that follow me on Instagram (thanks to the five of you!) know that I have been…


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Review: Partagas Lusitanias

These came to me by way of a 10 count box I purchased.   For those that track box codes, the box code on this was AUB JUL 12.    I had the fortune of trying these for the first time when I was in Cuba, in November of 2013.  A generous BoTL gave me one and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I wasted no time in grabbing a box not soon after I flew home.  

Granted this is all a fairly big spoiler leading in, I hope you still enjoy the review.



Added by Cigar Surgeon on April 15, 2014 at 6:00am — 3 Comments

24 Questions with Arandoza Cigars

Rob took some time and answered several of the questions we didn't get to last week on CigarChat.

Q: What type of parameters do you use when determining how to blend a new cigar?

A: First thing I look at is my own personal taste and what I want the cigar to be. Second I sit with the master blender and discuss what I am looking for in the cigar. I let him know the strength I’m looking for, the wrapper that I want and a cigar with god complexity and flavors. After he puts…


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Press Release: Iconic Leaf Cigar Company Launches Recluse Amadeus

We at Iconic Leaf Cigar are pleased to announce the newest addition to our Recluse family of cigars. 


Blend specs:

Wrapper:  Conn. Seed, Ecuadorian shade  (Grade A)

Binder:  MBC…


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Review: Crux Passport Half Corona

Crux cigars came out of the gate with a large social media presence and a contest that drew a lot of attention. I was lucky enough to score a 5pk of these Passport Half Coronas from this, and was happy to give them a try.

The Crux Passport Half Corona is one good looking…


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Review: Dante Cigars Classic Asmodeus

I figured since we just had Huff aka “Squigly” of Dante Cigars on CigarChat last week, I would take a second to do a short review of the Dante Classic. I am going to skip all the fluffy background since most of you already know it, and see if this cigar tastes like “meat fat”.…


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RVIEW: Azan Burgundy Short Campana 4 3/8x46

             There is something about reading a press release about bringing back the only Cuban tobacco company with Chinese ties.  The story itself drew me in, as my good buddy Matt posted the release HERE  Azan seemed to describe the type of blending I love, so I shot an email to the company to see where they are being distributed.  Some…


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REVIEW: AJ Fernandez Spectre Robusto 5x50

             This year the craze in the cigar world has been fire-cured tobacco.  Being a casual pipe fanatic ( I dabble in blending and smoke regularly), I was stoked to try all the blends coming out that employed these types of tobaccos.  My hopes fell a bit short though, but a new cigar arose out of nowhere on the internet sites that intrigued me, the AJ Fernandez Spectre.  As soon as I got the email from a popular pipe online retailer that a Latakia cigar was being released, I had to try…


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REVIEW: Fuente Opus X Lost City Toro 6.7x48

             I am nearing the creation of the greatest meatball on earth.  I have been working on this recipe for a while now. Tonight I came close, which provided the platform to enjoy an amazing cigar.  What better way to follow the greatest meatball on earth then with an Opus X Lost City, right?  This fine cigar came to me as a birthday present from my good buddy Gibby at the Ccom forums a couple years ago.  I had put it down and figured I would wait a few years, as most Opus need time in…


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Habnos Review: San Cristobal El Principe

               You want history?  That is what my man Tuna is for.  Tuna is a world-traveled man of mystery that will dig deep on a marca and give the reader all the pertinent information on a brand.  Me? I come from the aqueducts, so you get raw dog review, styles unbreakable and shatterproof like my man ODB.  The following review took place while listening to old men whiff putts in the afternoon and cursing their golf games, while I sat back and enjoyed one of the finer things in…


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Group Review: Drew Estate Undercrown Dogma

Today we are going to mix it up a bit. As many of you already know, Drew Estate just released the new Undercrown Dogma to honor the one year anniversary of Cigar Dojo.


The Undercrown Dogma will be sold in mazos of ten at an MSRP of $9.95 per cigar, and is “based” on the Undercrown Corona Viva blend. The Undercrown Dogma will come in one vitola – a 6 x 56 box press. If you would like to read the entire press release, you can…


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