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Press Release: Emilio Draig Cayuquero Lancero Begins Shipping Tomorrow

Newark, DE - June 24, 2014 - Gary Griffith of Emilio Cigars announced this morning that the limited edition Emilio Cigars Draig Cayuquero lanceros will begin shipping on June 25, in honor of his 60th birthday. Only 100 boxes of 10 cigars were produced in this extremely limited run of cigars.…

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Review: Regius Damaris San Andreas Maduro Gran Toro

            As many of you know, I am quite the fan of Regius cigars, so I was rather excited to hear they were releasing a San Andreas maduro this year called the Damaris.  My initial reaction was one of excitement, as I am a huge fan of San Andreas wrapped cigars, even though I rarely smoke maduro.  Knowing owner Akhil Kapacee’s penchant for blending full flavored cigars with clean finishes, when a couple samples landed in my mailbox, my palate eagerly awaited to fire one up. The blue band…


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Review: Tatuaje Little Monsters Baby Face

Released in 2012, the Tatuaje Little Monsters series was a limited run of smaller vitolas of the larger Monster series.  The bright orange box contained two each of the following: Frank Jr., Lil’ Drac, Wolfie, Mini Mum and Baby Face.  Most of the boxes also included a Garbage Pail Kids inspired trading card that featured one of the Little Monster characters on it (one other card depicted Pete Johnson on the Baby Face…


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Press Release: IPCPR Hires New CEO Mark Pursell

Washington, DC-After intensive searching, the IPCPR has named Mark Pursell as the new Chief Executive Officer. Previously, Mr. Pursell was the Senior Vice President of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Mr. Pursell brings a wealth of experience in business development, membership marketing, sales and association management to the IPCPR. 


At NAHB, Mr. Pursell fostered relationships…


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Review: Habanos Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2

             I am a huge fan of Hoyo de Monterrey, specifically the Epicure Especial (EE), which I have loved for quite some time. I was never really into the robusto size in Habanos though until recently. Given my love for the EE, I never really ventured into the Epicure No 1 or No 2, as I had always been satisfied with the EE. Recently I received an Epicure No 2 in a trade from 2011, no box code or month, so I stashed it away for review. Little did I know, I was in for quite…


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Review: Kinky Friedman Lone Star No. 4

Originally launched in 2006 by Kinky Friedman himself, these cigars are now discontinued as of last year.  They were made by Oliveros at their factory and contained two different lines, Classic and Lone Star. …


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Review: Esteban Carreras Chupa Cabra

Esteban Carreras Chupa Cabra

Size: 6 x 44

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan




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Press Release: Buena Vista Cigars Makes its Much Awaited Return to US Market

(Miami, Florida) June 19, 2014— M.G.M. Cigars proudly announces the return of the Buena VistaCigar brand of premium cigars to the United States. In 2011 Buena Vista Cigars made a brief appearance in the U.S. scene with tons of internet buzz and rave reviews from cigar media. M.G.M. Cigars has now brought back to the U.S.  public the “Worlds fines Cuban seed cigar”-Buena Vista Cigars.…

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Press Release: Drew Estate Announces Kentucky Fire Cured -­ Flying Pig

Miami,  FL  – Drew  Estate  announced  today  the  release  of  the  Flying  Pig  vitola  in  their Kentucky  Fire  Cured  blend.  The  Kentucky  Fire  Cured  Flying  Pig  (KFCFP)  will  make  its  debut  at  a  private event,  featuring  Drew  Estate co‐founder  Jonathan  Drew,  with Oxmoor  Smoke  Shoppe  in  Louisville,  Kentucky.  The  cigar  will  receive  a  nationwide  release  at  the  IPCPR  Tradeshow  in  Las  Vegas,  NV  in  July  of  2014.…


Added by Matt Ross on June 18, 2014 at 4:10pm — 3 Comments

Group Review: Black Label Trading Company Morphine

The Black Label Trading Company came to the cigar industry in 2013 with six different blends. Now for 2014 BLTC has their seventh cigar, which is a limited edition, called the Morphine. The Morphine comes in two different vitolas, lancero and corona, which is a departure from their first six cigars. The first six cigars for BLTC all come in a ring gauge 54 and above.


Time to rage.


Black Label Trading Company…


Added by Smokin Logan (Man Angel #1) on June 18, 2014 at 6:00am — 3 Comments

Press Release: Arango Cigar Co. Spotlights Three Credo Cigar Cutters at National Trade Show

     Arango Cigar Co. is featuring three novel cigar cutters from Credo (Marseille, France) in the Arango pavilion at this year’s International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers trade show. 

They include two variations on Credo’s popular “Synchro” cutter (see below).  The double-blade “XXL,” with a 70-ring gauge opening, takes center stage as one of the world’s largest-capacity cutters, able to cut any cigar now made.  “Cutter RG 60" offers greater economy and cutting…


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Press Release: Kurt A. Kendall Creates “Factory 57” Boutique Cigar, Named for Original 7-20-4 Factory Designation

Kurt A. Kendall has introduced a new boutique cigar in time for Fall, 2014.  “Factory 57” is a 100% long-filler, all handmade premium cigar that features a complex five-nation blend. 

     Kendall’s continuing research into the history of his boutique cigar company’s namesake, 7-20-4 Cigars has unearthed information on the venerable brand, whose factory was located in Manchester, New Hampshire, near Kendall’s present headquarters.  Opening its doors in 1874, it grew to…


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Press Release: Zander-Greg Adds New Shapes, New Habano Wrapper to Its Top-of-the-Line Premium Cigars

     Zander-Greg, a leading national distributor of tobacco products and accessories, is bringing two new additions to its existing Aniversario 1965 and HHB lines of cigars.  Both cigars are under the Nat Cicco (SEEK-oh) brand name, which Zander-Greg has built ambitiously since acquiring the brand in 2007.

     The original Nat Cicco “Rejects” were the first cigars on the factory seconds theme, often copied by others.  They appeared in 1965; hence the reference in the…


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Press Release: New J. Grotto Anniversary Is Ocean State Cigars’ First Maduro, First Medium-Bodied Boutique Cigar

“Thirty-five years in cigar sales tells me the new J. Grotto Anniversary is what smokers are looking for.”  Ocean State Cigars’ founder, Paul Joyal, continues: “Time and time again, smokers have said they smoke full-bodied cigars ... and then buy medium-bodied ones.



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Press Release: JM Tobacco Debuts “Havana Preferred” Bundled Long-Filler Premium Cigars

JM Tobacco has launched its latest premium cigar, Havana Preferred, in bundles.  The company began shipping the cigar in limited numbers to retailers in May.  The latest in JM’s product portfolio, Havana Preferred is 100% long-filler and all handmade. 

A pioneer in value-priced cigars, JM…


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Press Release: Table 36 Cigars Spotlights New Boutique Cigar, “The Peacemaker,” at Annual Tobacco Trade Show

Table 36 Cigars has rolled out “The Peacemaker” for this year’s International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers show, their third boutique premium cigar line.  It follows Table 36's Fellowship and Integrity brands, first appearing in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

The Peacemaker draws the…


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Press Release: CAO Cigars and Flying Dog Brewery Release Exclusive Pairing Pack


For craft beer enthusiasts who want to drink their beer and smoke it too, Flying Dog and CAO Cigars have partnered to pair four world-class cigars with the brewery’s most iconic beers.

“Cigars are most often paired with brown spirits.…


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Group Review: Jaxx LT by Old School Cigars

The first I had heard of Old School cigars was when La Sirena Cigars acquired them.  There are two cigar lines under the Old School name: Jaxx and Stixx.  We decided to review the Stixx LT first.  It features an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and Honduras.…


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Review: Jameson Black Label Corona 5x44

             Being the conny whore I am, I had to put a few Connecticut wrapped cigars on my Top Cigar list of 2013, and one of the surprises was the Jameson Red Label.  Now I never got to meet the guys at Jameson at IPCPR last year, and that was one of my bigger disappointments really, as I truly enjoyed the Red Label.  A few months ago, I set up a forum trade and was surprised with a couple of the Black Label corona. Normally I do not gravitate to maduro, so I never buy them really, unless…


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Episode Cinco Recap: How to freeze cigars and beetles

             Since it is the summer time, I figured it would be perfect to recap Episode Cinco, which focused on beetles and freeing cigars to prevent the larvae from hatching. Now I am not a scientist, and you can google yourself to death all sorts of pertinent information on the web on the subject if you like. The following is my take, experience with the problem, and how to prevent beetles by freezing.…


Added by Catfishbluezz on June 12, 2014 at 9:40am — 5 Comments

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