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Press Release: Grace Sotolongo Announces Hechicera

August 26, 2013 (Miami, Fla.) — Grace Sotolongo is proud to announce her first cigar, Hechicera, from her newly formed partnership with Christian Eiroa.

The meaning of Hechicera is a female sorceress, who has the ability to captivate and enchant those around her with her beauty and charm. “I am very excited to be working on this project with Christian and to be starting my own cigar brand,” says Sotolongo. “The cigars are a medium-to-full bodied blend that are sure to mesmerize and…


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Review: Villiger Selecto Corona Gorda

At IPCPR this year I picked up one of Villiger's new sticks from my Texas rep, the Villiger Selecto. I got the corona gorda and the lancero. As my free time has been limited, I decided the smaller 5x46, would fit my time window better. I've also never had any of Villiger's cigars, so this will be my first experience with them.

The Villiger Selecto is a very…


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Press Release: Blessed Leaf Faith Based Cigar Community Annouced

Kyle Hoover, co-owner of Ezra Zion Cigar Company and CigarFederation.com, announces the launch of a new cigar-themed Christian ministry, Blessed Leaf.

“Blessed Leaf is a unique idea, something that has never been done before. It’s a faith community--or in more basic terms--an “online church” for cigar smokers.” Noted Hoover.

On BlessedLeaf.com, aficionados can create a profile page to join the Blessed Leaf community. Members can post content, access media, read faith-based…


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Review: Alec Bradley Nica Puro

Normally, I find Alec Bradley cigars to underwhelm me. I have smoked the majority of their stuff and none of their cigars jumped up and said, “this is a great cigar”. That fact might have now changed.

Welcome the Alec Bradley Nica Puro. Below is a little about this cigars from my friend Cigar Coop.

The Alec Bradley Nica Puro is a new core line…


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Pre-Release Review: AFR-75 by PDR Cigars

The AFR-75 is one of two new blends released by PDR Cigars at IPCPR 2013.  I was able to sit down with Abe Flores to talk about his new blend at the IPCPR show (video is below).  The AFR-75 is available in three sizes favoring the larger ring gauge.  For this review I smoked the Sublime, which was 5 x 56.  I’m not a fan of larger ring gauges, but I didn’t mind the size on this one.  The Edmundo (6 x 58) and the…


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Project Manana: Make that 21 Prize Packs Thanks to Espinosa Cigars

Just spoke with our good friend Anthony from Espinosa Cigars. Anthony is adding the below into the prize pool for our Project Manana donation drive. Make sure to thank Anthony and Espinosa Cigars for the generous donation. I know I will.

If you love full body cigars, with a ton of flavor,…


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Project Manana: Make that 20 Prize Packs

You heard right. Kip from Cigarmy just sent another box of cigars for our Project Manana prize pool. Make sure to get your donations in to support this great cause and the chance to win a ton of great cigars.



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My Week (In Smoking) In Review - 8/27/13

Long time no talk, Cigar Federation!  Between my blog about Black Label Trading Company, a family vacation, and working on planning and promoting Cigar Federation's Raffle for Project Manana, I've been a bit busy lately, and, thus, haven't posted as many reviews as I would have liked.  Today, I'm going to…


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REVIEW: El Cedro Robusto

             I was perusing Instagram one day, and noticed a comment on one of my cigar pictures mentioning Hendrik Kelner Jr.  The comment was from El Cedro cigars, so I did a little digging and found out this was another brand produced from Kelner Boutique Factory (KBF).  ARZ are Phoenecian letters that stand for Cedar and bear the name of El Cedro’s initial release. At the time, the owner contacted me for review after IPCPR, as his line had not yet been released.  Fast forward a couple…


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Review: Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2012

The Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2012 came to me by way of a generous Redditor QuikAF77 who bombed me with this cigar.  It wasn’t until after I reviewed the stick and found out the value that I realized what a generous bomb it was.


I picked up cedar notes, some hints of coffee but there wasn’t much else going on here,


The Nestor Miranda Grand Reserve 2012…


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Review: Curivari Reserva Limitada 4000

Curivari Cigars is a brand that I have been intrigued by for a while now and the Curivari Reserva Limitada 4000 is the reason.  I first smoked the Reserva Limitada 4000 at a herf about 9 months ago.  A buddy of mine handed me one and told me I was going to love it.  I had heard of Curivari and seen photos online, but my local B&M didn’t have them in stock yet.  As you may know, herfs can get a little crazy, so by the end of the day I had smoked 3-4 different sticks, but I remembered the…


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Review: 601 La Bomba Warhead

I have been looking forward to this Espinosa Cigars 601 La Bomba Warhead since I first read about it. If for nothing else, I was in love with the band and packaging, but also because I am a big maduro fan. I was lucky enough to snag one while I was at IPCPR this year and I've been letting it rest, waiting for the right time. Well, if anyone has noticed my general absence from "them internets" lately, you might have guessed that I have been busy. There is a lot going on down here right now,…


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Press Release: CAO Launches New Blend Called Flathead

IPCPR 2013 -- CAO wants its fans to go full-throttle with a bold new blend called Flathead.

Inspired by hot rods and pin-up girls, the revved-up collection is box pressed across all four sizes, ranging from a lancero to a 7” x 70, and are hand-shaped to deliver a striking flat top.

CAO’s senior brand manager Ed McKenna said, “Rick Rodriguez and I were talking about the great people we’ve met at CAO events across the country, and about the conversations we’ve had with…


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News: Christian Eiroa Announces Box Buy Back Program

This was taken from the most recent IPCPR Newsletter. I think it is a smart move, for two reasons. It shows that Christian is "green friendly", and he is able to buy back boxes on the cheap, thus saving some production costs.

Beginning August 2013, we will start to buy back our reusable cigar boxes from our retailers. This is consistent with our BAYER Better Manufacturing Practices and Better Growing Practices initiatives to lower our impact on the environment. Our farms…


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Press Release: With G.A.R Deli Anyone Can Blend Their Own Cigar

Miami, Florida – G.R. Tabacaleras Co. Cigar Factory. About three years ago, George Rico envisioned developing a project where his customers could create their own cigar blends without having to go through the very costly process of coming out with a line. This concept became a service now being offered at his G.R. Tabacaleras Co. factory in Miami, known as G.A.R. Deli. According to Rico, G.A.R. Deli was one of the primary reasons the Miami factory was opened. The factory was supposed to be a…


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Review: Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002 Robusto

This is my review of the Gran Habano Corojo Vintage 2002 in the Robusto vitola.  I ended up picking these up as a bundle of 20 from CigarBid for an absurdly low price.  I had heard some positive reviews and I thought for the money I might as well.  Worst case scenario I'd be left with some sticks I would be giving out at herfs.…


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Review: El Primer Mundo La Hermandad Costa Fuerte Consejero

There has been some big news around EPM and PDR recently and Rob was able to sit down with Sean Williams, owner of El Primer Mundo Cigars, and Abe Flores, owner of PDR Cigars, at IPCPR this year.

EPM is now being…


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Review: Drew Estate Liga Privada 'Surgeon' Safari Blend

The  Drew Estate Liga Privada 'Surgeon' Safari Blend came from a blending session during the Drew Estate Cigar Safari in April 2013.  I had the chance to speak at length with Willy Herrera who gave me lots of pointers on what leaves and proportions to blend for my flavor goal.  



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Project Manana: Make that 19 Prize Packs

Just talked to Chris from Ezra Zion and they are donating a box of the Tantrum's to the Project Manana Raffle.



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Review: Brun Del Re Colonial Robusto

             Being rather new to the industry, during the IPCPR show, Jerad and I made a point to go on missions to meet new folks to establish relationships with people not connected to cigar Federation.  One of these vendors was Brun Del Re based out of Costa Rica.  Alan Fonseca, of Ezra Zion, is a big fan of Costa Rican tobacco, so when I saw their banner representing Costa Rica I was immediately intrigued.  Jerad and I sat down with Carlo Corazza, the man behind the brand, and the…


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