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Press Release: Roberto Duran Premium Cigars to Introduce the Roberto P. Duran Cigar Brand at 2014 IPCPR

(Miami, Florida) June 30, 2014— Roberto P. Duran Premium Cigars, after a successful 2013 launch with the Azan Line of cigars is ready to come into the 2014 IPCPR with a new super-premium blend: The Roberto P. Duran Cigar Brand.

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Graycliff Cigars Tour and Rolling Lessons

In the Spring of 2012, I went on a cruise with my wife and her parents. We were stopping in Nassau and I wanted to do something different. After some research I found that this is the home of Graycliff Cigars. My wife, her father and I decided that we would track this place down and hang out there for a bit.

After getting off the ship, we began our trip on foot up random streets, dodging traffic and completely out of the way of the normal touristy shops. We came up to a block that had…


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Review: E.P. Carrillo Elencos Don Rubino

The Elencos series is the top tier of the E. P. Carrillo regular production portfolio.  The line debuted in April 2011 with three sizes, Don Rubino (5 1/4 x 50), Acto Mayor [Belicoso] (6 1/4 x 52), and Elites (6 x 54). …


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Review: Leccia Luchador El Castigo 6x60

              Do you know who Sam Leccia is?  If not, Google it (click here), or ask Seth.  The guy came out of the gate last year with two blends that kicked ass at IPCPR.  This year, he has graced us with the Luchador, based on Mexican wrestlers, which honestly makes me love the guy even more.  I really dug what he did with the Leccia Black last year and it is a regular change of pace cigar for me that employs fire cured…


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Cigarnival 2014 at Famous Smoke Shop

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Famous Smoke Shop‘s Cigarnival. It’s a 2 day, multi-vender event held at their Easton, PA location.  I spent several hours there hanging out with the cigar folks and enjoying a few cigars.  I attended this event last year, and they’ve made quite a few improvements in my opinion. The constructed one massive tent this year, as opposed to the multiple tents they had last year.  The food was also stepped up. At dinner time they  brought in some…


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Review: Habanos Partagas D5

             Partagas is a brand that is hit and miss with me, with more misses it seems then hits really.  That could be due to a relatively large line, that I normally gravitate to the smaller cigars.  The Partagas D4 is a must try, and legendary amongst Habanos smokers, and to be truthful, I think it sucks.  I have never had an 8-9-8 that has blown my mind either.  However, the shorts are an island smoke, and old Lusi is one of my favorite double corona, so I am always game to check…


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Review: La Riqueza


Nice clean box press. Great construction with smooth seams and some pretty large, but smooth pressed seams. Smells like tobacco, leather and earth. Cold draw is deep, sweet tobacco and leather with a tingly spice. I knew nothing about this cigar going into it, and was actually surprised to find out that Pete…


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Tatuaje Tattoo, Surrogates Bone Crusher and a Six-Zero Cigar

I don’t know if it’s the change of seasons or what, but I’ve been having some cigar troubles lately. I had some cigars that should have been great, but were underwhelming to me. This is frustrating, because I only have a limited amount of time each day to enjoy a cigar, so It annoys me when I get a dud.  It could be that I’ve been munching on licorice for the last week or two, as my boys both gave me some nice black licorice for Father’s Day.

See more at: …


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Press Release: Kuuts, LLC to Release Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend at IPCPR 2014

MIAMI FL, June 25, 2014 – Kuuts, LLC is slated to release its 4 this year’s IPCPR Convention in Las Vegas, NV in mid-July.

The Kuuts Nicaraguan Blend is a solid medium bodied cigar that is sure to please the masses. It features a Nicaraguan filler and binder with an Ecuadorian wrapper. And will be available in 5 vitolas for the US Market and comes in 20 count Cabinet Style Boxes.

4 X 48 - Momentos

4.5 X 58 – Pequeños

5 X 52 – Robustos

6 X 52 -…


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94 Rating for The Collective!

The Collective From Cigar Federation: Quick Review

From CheapAshCigar.com
The Collective, is blended by …

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Group Review: Las Cumbres Tobaco Senorial

Senorial is the freshman release for the new cigar company, Las Cumbres Tobaco, founded by Jose Blanco. I think most people know Jose. For those those who don’t know, Jose has been in the cigar industry longer than I have been alive. Jose has previous worked at La Aurora and Joya de Nicaragua. If you want to hear Jose talk about his new company in detail, watch his latest CigarChat…


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Press Release: S.T.K. Miami Barracuda Limited Edition Maduro 2014 to Debut at IPCPR

Miami, Florida, June 20, 2014 – G.R. Tabacaleras Co. Cigar Factory, operated by George Rico of Gran Habano in Little Havana, announces that he will be releasing a new Barracuda Limited Edition Maduro.

Rico, a huge fan of the Pennsylvania Broadleaf, will be offering a new wrapper option to his current S.T.K. Miami Barracuda just in time for its debut at the IPCPR next month. In…


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Press Release: POWER 2014 Release July 2014 IPCPR

Power cigars are released every 7 years, the 2000 Crop, 2007 Collection received a 92 rating in Cigar Aficionado and was voted by the magazine as one of the Top 25 Cigars of the Year 2007.

Made from Pelo de Oro (Golden Hair) Cuban Ancestral Seeds, grown in the Cordillera Central of Costa Rica at 3000 feet in small arroyos, all planting and harvesting is done by hand. By growing at such altitudes we have…


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Press Release: Emilio Draig Cayuquero Lancero Begins Shipping Tomorrow

Newark, DE - June 24, 2014 - Gary Griffith of Emilio Cigars announced this morning that the limited edition Emilio Cigars Draig Cayuquero lanceros will begin shipping on June 25, in honor of his 60th birthday. Only 100 boxes of 10 cigars were produced in this extremely limited run of cigars.…

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Review: Blind Cuban Cigar #2 Tasting Contest

This cigar was part of a 5 cigar sampler pack that I ordered from an online Cuban cigar supplier. They run a contest each year where you buy a sampler of cigars, smoke them blind, and then have to make a guess as to what they are.

If you get all 5 correct you get a significant gift certificate through them. Unfortunately I don’t have as much experience smoking Cuban cigars as most of the other members, but it sounded like a fun contest so I signed up.



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Review: Tatuaje Little Monsters Baby Face

Released in 2012, the Tatuaje Little Monsters series was a limited run of smaller vitolas of the larger Monster series.  The bright orange box contained two each of the following: Frank Jr., Lil’ Drac, Wolfie, Mini Mum and Baby Face.  Most of the boxes also included a Garbage Pail Kids inspired trading card that featured one of the Little Monster characters on it (one other card depicted Pete Johnson on the Baby Face…


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Review: Regius Damaris San Andreas Maduro Gran Toro

            As many of you know, I am quite the fan of Regius cigars, so I was rather excited to hear they were releasing a San Andreas maduro this year called the Damaris.  My initial reaction was one of excitement, as I am a huge fan of San Andreas wrapped cigars, even though I rarely smoke maduro.  Knowing owner Akhil Kapacee’s penchant for blending full flavored cigars with clean finishes, when a couple samples landed in my mailbox, my palate eagerly awaited to fire one up. The blue band…


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Accessories: Perfecto Cigar Holder, Elertus and Cigar Oasis

I’ve been checking out some products over the last several months and have been lazy about giving them their place in the spotlight. Three Companies have generously shared their products with me to try out, Elertus, Perfecto Cigar Holder and Cigar Oasis. As a cigar smoker, I’m a cheap, lazy bastid, so it probably wouldn’t occur to me to spend cigar money on some of these things, but  as I’ve been presented with the opportunity to sample these products, I get to share my thoughts with…


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If you are looking to try something different in your cigar-smoking experience, or maybe something that’s flying a bit under the radar, you can’t go wrong by turning to the offerings served up by Emilio Cigars. The roster of boutique brands is ever-growing, and there is always something that’s going to whet your appetite. Cue the Reunion lines, produced by Bodega Premium…


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Press Release: IPCPR Hires New CEO Mark Pursell

Washington, DC-After intensive searching, the IPCPR has named Mark Pursell as the new Chief Executive Officer. Previously, Mr. Pursell was the Senior Vice President of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Mr. Pursell brings a wealth of experience in business development, membership marketing, sales and association management to the IPCPR. 


At NAHB, Mr. Pursell fostered relationships…


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