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Review: Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco

Back in December I flew down to Orlando, partially for an impromptu Drew Estate event at Corona Cigar Company,  but also to visit Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World.  While I was at Corona Cigar Company I saw a prominent display for the Joya de Nicaragua Cuatro Cinco.   I had read a lot about the release of this stick and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pick up two for review.



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Top Reviewed Cuban Cigars for 2014

Last year I found myself struggling to list the best cigars over the past year.  With many opportunities to smoke some great products, cigars appearing earlier in the year ended up fading in my memory by the time December rolled around.   This year I wanted to do something different and have a running ranked list based purely on my subjective enjoyment of each cigar.




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Review: Felix Assouline Havana Sunrise Reserve

The other night I had just enough time to smoke this Felix Assouline Havana Sunrise Reserve, given to me by Michel Malek. It’s a nice looking, little box press with a smooth body, and a bumpy cap with a few creases in the top triple cap. But, otherwise good construction. The wrapper smelled like fresh cut, snuff tobacco, with a hint of earth/hay. I cut the cap with a guillotine and found the draw to be a bit tighter than expected. The cold draw was that of semi-sweet tobacco and some…


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Dignity, Alec Bradley Nica Puro, Ezra Zion and Foundry CE&M Carbon Cigars

Thanks for all of the positive feedback on my last post. It just frustrated the heck out of me when states want to do stupid things like declaring that you can't smoke in a cigar store (or private anything...don't get me started!) when there are so many other more productive things they could be worrying about! Anyway, despite the frigid weather, I managed to smoke some cigars this week.

I made the mistake of taking this Churchill sized Dignity White Gold Reserve cigar for my…


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[Pre-Release Review] Royal Gold Nirvana Cameroon Selection

Royal Gold Cigars is one of the new kids on the block, but when you look at their back story, they really aren't that new.  The fact is that Royal Gold Cigars is the premium brand launched by Swisher International.  Yes, THAT Swisher.  So, what is the best way to launch a new premium line of cigars?  You come out strong and work with one of the hottest names (if not THE hottest) in the cigar industry.  This is how the…


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Event: Partagas Festival 2013 Cuba Part 3

Partagas Festival Welcome Dinner

There’s something pretty special about waking up, watching the sun come up and having an espresso and a cigar in Cuba.   After enough caffeine to get me started for the day we headed downstairs for our buffet breakfast.  Some omelets, more espresso, various pastries and our morning ritual was complete.

Everyone was feeling better after a full nights rest and a hot shower, now it was just a matter of figuring out our plans for the day.  With…


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REVIEW: Sublimes Cigars Double Robusto

             Sunuvabeatch…I got a case of the beetles!  A freeze was in order, so I made sure and grabbed a few cigars to review while the rest of my stash recovers from a bit of a temperature change.  The Sublimes was a cigar that always caught my attention.  For some reason, their advertising always caught my eye, so when I saw their booth at IPCPR within close proximity of ours, I made a point to stop by and say hello.  I could not get much information about the blend from the rep, but…


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Review: Montecristo Especial No. 2

This Montecristo Especial No. 2 had been sitting in my humidor for a whopping 494 days before I picked it out to review.  Sadly I’m unsure of the origins of it, it probably came from a box pass that I did back in 2012.   The person who set me up with the cigar reached out to jog my memory.  The generous LostAbbott set me up the Montecristo Especial No. 2 as a part of a…


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Press Release: Miami Cigar Commemorates 25th Anniversary With Limited Edition Humidor

MIAMI, FL – Twenty-five years ago Nestor and Mariana Miranda began distributing cigars out of the trunk of their car, visiting accounts that Nestor had built relationships with through his many years in the liquor business. Never in their wildest dreams would they have thought that twenty-five years later their hard work and…


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Review: Surrogates Animal Cracker

With a name like Animal Cracker, how could I not love this cigar? I love cigars and I love to eat. Perfect combination! :)


Below is a little about the Animal Cracker via Seth’s Humidor.


Animal Cracker marks the fifth cigar in the Surrogates brand, and the largest cigar in the Surrogates and L'Atelier portfolio. It is a 6" by 60 ring gauge cigar and has…


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My Week (In Smoking) In Review - 1/21/14

I should really call this "My Past 2 Weeks in Review" as I haven't posted since 1/7.  With the winter weather in full bloom here in NJ (and a foot of snow expected today), smoking has taken a backseat.  I'll post this as it makes sense to highlight cigars I think need some highlighting.  It will be sporadic, but it is what it is.  The real reviewers on Cigar Federation will keep you in the loop to give you your review fix.  With that out of the way, let's go through what I've enjoyed over…


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Press Release: Felix Assouline Cigars to Make Official Cigar Collection for "2SaintS"

Felix Assouline Cigars (FAC)makers of premium cigar brands EGO, Havana Sunrise Reserve, Ringo and Something Special, is proud to announce it has been selected by Frédéric Saint Romain, President of French jewelry maker Tournaire, (French established brand for the last 40 years, with its main boutique located 7 place Vendôme, Paris, France) to make the official cigar collection for the “2SaintS” men’s accessory brand (“2 Saints” (Paris – New…


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REVIEW: Arandoza Blue Robusto

             While running around like a madman on the last day of IPCPR 2013, I had the pleasure of enjoying some espresso and cigars with the guys from La Jugada.  During our conversation, they recommended I stop by and talk to Robert Arango the owner of Arandoza cigars.  Honestly, my conversation with Robert was brief in passing for a sample, so I did not have much time to chat with him about the brand.  Robert has two blends, the Blue and White, with the Blue being the medium blend and…


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[Press Release] La Palina Announces Ultimate Cigar Experience!


La Palina cigars announces a Video Contest to win the ultimate upscale cigar experience in New York City. The contest winner and guest will join Bill Paley, La Palina, and industry insiders for a private dinner with Emeril Lagasse at the historic Nat Sherman…


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Review: Paul Stulac Black Midnight Fire

The Paul Stulac Black Midnight Fire is one of three blends released last year. Early last year I reviewed the White Blinding Light, one of the other releases and was very impressed. So, I am going into this particular blend with high hopes and the appearance does not let me down. Really…


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Review: La Palina Mr. Sam

The La Palina Mr. Sam is one of those cigars that jumps out at you.  Well, it jumped out at me anyway.  It has a great look with the classic La Palina band and it has that great name, "Mr. Sam."  It's like when you were a kid and you had a super rich neighbor - you called him Mister.  You were a kid, and you had to show respect, but he was pretty cool and told you to call him Sam.  So you went with "Mr. Sam."  (I'm afraid that makes sense to no one except me.)  OK, we'll move on.…


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Press Release: Oettinger Davidoff AG establishes company in Spain

Oettinger Davidoff AG, the worldwide leading manufacturer of premium cigars, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, is terminating the collaboration with its current Spanish partner Proein SA. In future, the distribution of Oettinger Davidoff products in Spain will be handled by the wholly-owned subsidiary “Davidoff of Geneva Iberia”. This company will continue to employ the Proein SA workforce.

Basel, 15 January 2014 – Oettinger Davidoff AG is…


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Press Release: Azan Cigars to Begin 2014 With the Unveiling of Their Ad Campaign

(Miami, Florida) January 13, 2013— Azan Cigars by Roberto Duran Premium Cigars begins 2014 with a bang as they unveil an ad campaign this week which highlights Azan’s outstanding quality and unique progressive flavor construction technique.
Roberto Pelayo Duran unveiled Azan Cigars at the 2013 IPCPR in Las Vegas promising to introduce a line of cigars that offers the same quality, construction, and detail which he exceeded from those he supervised…

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Event: Partagas Festival 2013 Cuba Part 1

Ever since I returned from the Partagas festival, I’ve wanted to write an article on my experiences.  Writing reviews is easy in comparison to an event or trip because smoking a cigar is such a small amount of time whereas my trip to Cuba was an adventure that seemed unbounded by time, and when I try and think of specific portions I want to write in detail about, I find myself lost in the memory.

One thing I wanted to mention early was that while I am an experienced cigar smoker, this…


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