This Avo Syncro Nicaragua might have the best designed tubo out there

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Comment by Trippopolis on September 26, 2017 at 4:23pm

There are so many aesthetically pleasing, and functional elements that are built into this tubo.  It's maybe the most thought out design I've seen in any tubo, and actually rivals the engineering and quality that goes into the Atabey/Byron tubos.

First, it's just plain nice looking.  The outside is fully painted with the Syncro color scheme with a nice matte finish.  The only bare metal that shows is part of the band that's painted on the outside.  The square shape looks great also looks great.  The construction is actually steel rather than aluminum like most tubos, which combined with the square shape, adds a lot of durability, and crush/dent resistance.

Second, is the lid.  It's an attached swing top rather than the typical screw/slide on cap.  The cigar is actually inserted upside-down, with the cello folded so that you can just pull the cello to slide the cigar out.  since it's box pressed, there's also no bouncing around at all, which is nice.

Lastly, it's actually double walled.  I'm not sure why, since it doesn't seem like there's any humidification, but it does add some additional rigidity.

I've been eyeing this thing since I was given it at IPCPR, and every time I pick it up, I just end up admiring the tubo itself.  I hadn't planned on reviewing it, since we already have a review of the Syncro, but I like the tube so much, that I sort of just reviewed the tubo itself.

With an MSRP of about $10, not only would I recommend the cigar, (which Seth gave an 86-87), but the tubo is so solidly built that I wouldn't think twice about tossing it in a pocket or backpack, and I'm definitely going to keep this thing around for single transportation when I need it.


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