CigarChat, founded by RobbyRas and Logan Lawler in January 2012, is designed to give cigar smokers live access to their favorite cigar manufactures.

The goal of the show is to give the audience access to folks in the industry. The hope is that viewers will take advantage of the opportunity and bombard our guests with questions about the industry, blending, cigar do's and don'ts, and anything else they want to know.

On top of that we give away some sticks and give our audience a chance to buy cigars straight from our guest! We may have some new releases available before anyone else or we may have special CigarChat discounts.

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Rob founded RobbyRasReviews and Logan manages Cigar Federation.

What Embargo?

On February 7th, 1962 President John F. Kennedy issued the permanent embargo on Cuba. Since that day, the United States has declared that it will have no commercial, economic and financial ties with Cuba. But if that is the case, why are so many American smoking Habanos, drinking Havana Club and Cubita. The answer is quite simple, and that is that our great country has not been able to stop its great people from enjoying these wonderful products. Of course not all are actually smoking true Habanos, and that is where we come in.

Like Robin Hood and Little John, we are putting ourselves on the line for all you lighting up those Habanos, and we are going to share our wealth of information on the island of Cuba and its mythical tobacco. We are here to tell you what is legit and what is not, help you understand Habanos S.A., provide insight on how to properly purchase Habanos when travelling overseas, help you identify real and fake Habanos and so much more. We are going to keep these shows fun first and educational second, but we want you all to participate. Don't hold out on asking questions, we want your input! We want this to be like the great show Car Talk, and what made that show great were the callers that asked the far-fetched questions to Tom and Ray.

We won't go by our real names, I would love to say for security reasons, but in reality, because you all deserve more. Instead, get to know us as Yellow Snapper and Big Tuna.

So tune on in Monday nights and listen to some great discussions, ask terrific questions and light up a cigar.

- Yellow Snapper and Big Tuna


Sharing Our Pairings

Sharing Our Pairings was started by Cigar Surgeon in June 2014. Joined by co-host RobbyRas, they pair cigars with various spirits, and sometimes food, in order to find interesting or compelling combinations. Joined by industry guests and the occasional guest co-host, you can tune into the show Wednesday nights!

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