History of CigarFederation

Cigar Federation was started by Harvard dropouts in Bill Gates’ garage. Just kidding.


The idea behind Cigar Federation is a simple.


Bring all the dynamics we enjoy about cigar smoking...the flavors, the construction, the camaraderie...from a back porch to a global fraternity.


The website was launched in October 2011 by Kyle, Chris, and Alan, all “Cigar Geeks” in their own right, who went on to found Ezra Zion Cigar Company.


Their initial vision was to create a multi-dimensional cigar themed site that featured the best parts of other sites that they enjoyed. That’s why Cigar Federation is a social network like Facebook, a Forum like BOTL, a news site like HalfWheel, and a blogger sites like Toasted Foot.


The site quickly grew into a respected source for cigar information and interaction. In it’s first year it was featured in Cigar Press, Smoke Magazine, and was referenced by countless online periodicals.


In early spring 2013, CigarFederationTV was added to the site to feature live streamed shows. The initial line-up included CigarChat founded by Logan Lawler and Rob Rasmussen; and Half-Ashed Podcast hosted by Kip Fisher and Craig Schneider.


In April 2013, the day to day site management, content strategy, and community cultivation was turned over to Logan and Rob. While Kyle, Chris, and Alan still own the site, they are focusing all their efforts on growing Ezra Zion.

Cigar Federation entered a new chapter in July 2014 when Logan purchased the site and became the MFCEO.


Going forward, Cigar Federation will continue to be the leader of cigar innovation and entertainment. Venturing into yet uncharted areas within the cigar industry is what we’re all about...and you are a part of that journey!

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