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Here on Cigar Federation, we run a lot of contests. Since many times the contests are hard to find, unless you know where to look, we wanted to make it easier to enter. Below are the links to the contests we have. Make sure to check back all the time because the contests are always changing.

May the odds, ever be in your favor!


Cigar Federation Member Only Contests

Yes, this means you can only enter and win if you are a member


CigarChat Show Giveaways

This is the page to enter for the giveaways during CigarChat.

Open Contests

Anyone around the interwebs can enter


Cigar Weasel Corner

Thanks to the hard work Jerad (aka 007), and our members this is a list of all contests being ran across the interwebs. If you find a contest, add it here. Plus, if you win a contest here, please post up that you did.



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