Cigar March Madness

Welcome to #CigarMarchMadness 2018!!

A Tournament of Cigars where YOU, the voters decide the winner!

You can view the brackets HERE


One of our favorite contests in past years was the Cigar March Madness Pool conducted by our friends at Casual Cigar! After Craig moved on, we reached out to him to ask if we could keep the idea alive and run it here, and, thankfully, he gave us his blessing! (Thanks, Craig!)  Last year was the fourth year we ran it, and now we'd like to welcome you to the 6th Annual Cigar March Madness!

1. Matchups will be posted as a blog entry on the main page, each week day beginning March 6th.
2. Each matchup will have it's own entry box on the voting page where you select/vote for which cigar you prefer.
3. Each vote you cast is one entry into a prize drawing at the end of the tournament - if you vote for every match-up, you will have 126 entries in the final prize drawing.
4. After Each Period (voting will vary according to round), the cigar with the most votes will move on in the tournament until we have 1 cigar left.
5. Cigars included in the tournament, and the rankings associated with them, are from the 2017 Consensus Awards.

The Prizes

Cast your vote here!

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