22 members

    SOTM participants.

  • CF Cigar Safari Trip 2015

    13 members

    This is a private group for all the members going on the CF Cigar Safari trip in 2015.

  • H4CK3R

    11 members

    The struggle is real.  Anyone in CF work in IT?

  • Cigar Pairings

    27 members

    Where everyone can share and discuss their cigar pairings.

  • Cigar Federation Mod Team

    6 members

    This is the super secret group for the CF mods. This is the group where we plan out all of the good stuff for our members.

  • Lady Cigar Smokers

    6 members

    This is a group that ladies can be a part of so we can communicate together about events and how to get more involved!  Spread the Word because this is no longer just a man's industry!

  • CigarVets

    17 members

    A place for Veterans and current members of the Armed Forces, United States and abroad, to connect and share their unique experiences, stories, and love of cigars.

  • Bloggers, new and old

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    A group to be used as a writing resource, to share and trade tips and information, all the stuff that goes in to making something worth reading.  A place where iron can sharpen iron - and we can learn from each other.