...from the Super Bowl pool winnings. I am still primarily smoking sticks that I've not had before, tho there are a couple of exceptions this round. My grades/ratings are very basic.


A = I'd be happy to burn thru a box any time!
B = These are pretty, maybe even really, good sticks, but there are better.
C = Very average, I'd only smoke it again if it was gifted.
D = Only buying if I'm going to be in a totally smoke free environment for the next week and this is the only cigar left in the store.
F = No. Just. No.

GRADES (with approx size when noted)

A = Illusione Rothschilde, Plasencia Reserva Organica (short robusto), Lou Rodtiguez corona, Perdomo Champagne 10th Anniversary robusto, La Palina el Diario toro

B = Leccia Black, My UZI DS2, Alec Bradley Black Market robusto, Oliva Saison 2009 corona, Exactus Maduro robusto, L'Atelier Special Selection, Esteban Carreras Chupa Cabra,  Casa Trompeta Mild Bunch robusto

C = Tatuaje Black lancero, Underground corona, Don Pepin blue label torpedo, EP Carillo Short Run*

D = Antano Doble Fuerte robusto, Alec Bradley Connecticut, La Aurora 107 short robusto

* - I previously smoked this and gave it a D, but this second was definitely better.

Smoke heartily and prosper!

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Tat Black Lancero a C? I am shocked. 

Yup. I was definitely disappointed. Shit happens, man...

True. Palates are different. I just really enjoy that cigar.

Yeah, this is the most intriguing rankings you've done yet.  The Tatuaje Black Lancero and the 107 Short Robusto (which might have been the Maduro, actually) are cigars I rank a bit higher; whereas, the Black Market, Exactus, DS2, etc., are ones I'd rank lower probably.

Yeah, I don't know what was up with the 107. I've had and liked the robusto 107, and this stick was similarly shaded, but was not enjoyable. I've really liked every Leccia black thatI've smoked (4 or 5), and the DS2 was a really easy and pleasant smoke that would super in the morning. So, there... thanks for the comments, guys!



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