I have some opus-x, some, anejos, sharks,a full box of the god of fire by carlito from 05 which where released in 07 some 858's and the unamed reseve. i am also willin to trade my 10 year old La aurora 100 anos from 05 which is from the original release!

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how many are you looking for? those were 100+ PER cigar. 

i would really like 3 but i need 2 for a friends birthday he's a big padron fan and he doesn't know about the new padron so i would really like to surprise him with something new for his palate! all he smokes is the padron 1964! the 3rd one is for me to save for a special occasion

best of luck. I don't have any. I couldn't drop 100 on any one cigar, let alone 200-300 for 2 or 3. Not my tax bracket :) 

FYI you can get them at http://regencycigar.com/cigars/padron-50-years-maduro-single-cigar-...

They are $74 and they have both Maduro and Natural. These are still available elsewhere too.

I found mine for $50 but all the places that had them for that price are long sold out...

Post a pic of the cigars you are speaking of.

are you willing to trade some  padron's charlie! and how many do you have?

I'm not a huge Fuente fan to be honest...I have one Maduro and one Natural and they are collection pieces that are being saved for a SUPER special occasion. You might be better off buying one or two. Another thing...if your buddy doesn't even know about these he doesn't know how special of a cigar they are..



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