So I really want to try this bad boy based on all my friends recommendations. Only looking for a couple, anyone got 2 or more to trade?

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I'm smoking my last one tonight or I would have thrown one in you trade....I know for sure you will like these, imo the best non-LE Illusione cigar and of course Dion uses no ligero in the blend. Full flavored medium body.

Any preference on vitola?

Let me know if you're still looking for a couple. I'll be at the B&M tomorrow and they have all sizes
If I had a preference, it would be robo or corona. Ky if you grab a couple of each size I can PayPal you the funds if you want since your heading to a shop, or we can trade. I appreciate the response guys. If not, Stefan we can do a trade as well. Let me know gents.

I have smoked most of the sizes and smoked the corona tonight and they are killer! Spicy for not having any ligero.

Roger that...we can work something out. I'll buy you 2 of robustos and coronas tomorrow.

My B&M got cleaned out of most sizes but they had robustos and I grabbed ya two.  shoot me your addy ( and I'll get em out to you.

Tried emailing and the address was invalid.

Shoot me one at bro. Really appreciate it



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