You read right! I am finally doing a giveaway in the Weasel Corner of my own stash. As, many of you may already know, my wife & I have our first child on the way. We have had feelings and discussions about what the sex will be and names, but just today, we had the 100% reveal sonogram. We now know who we are expecting to see next year. We may have some better 4D images later, but for now there's this:

And what do you do to celebrate having a child? You giveaway cigars of course! A couple samplers of some excellent, new, boutique blends. There are so many ways to do this, but in the end I (with some collaboration with Logan, who knows the answers and is therefore ineligible, Meg) decided to simply do a Weasel Thread. This is just a way for me to give back to all my BOTL here on CigFed. As promised last week, this is one of my giveaways. Here are the details:

What to do: There are two options here.

     Option #1: Guess the sex and name we have chosen. Obviously, if there are no correct answers, the winner will be whoever I feel was the closest. Should there be multiple correct guesses, the first correct answer wins.

     Option #2: To make it a little funner for those that don't want to try and figure out the correct name, I am also going to chose a winner for the funniest/most creative name. Heads up, I have a pretty dark sense of humor and it is hard to offend me. So, you can be a little rough, just keep in mind that it is my child here. ;) Good luck!


Option #1 Winner: 3pk sampler

(BLTC Royalty, Rodrigo La Forteleza Absoluto, Reinado Classic)

Option #2 Winner: 3pk sampler

(BLTC Royalty, Rodrigo La Forteleza Absoluto, Fratello)

Timeframe: Starts NOW & Ends October 9, 2013 at 11:59pm CST

P.S. I reserve the right to add a cigar to these samplers if my supply and the responses should illicit it. ;)

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Oh, if it's a boy you know he will be called 007 Jr. a lot. lol

Well, if you intend this to be your last child, you could simply name her Oberon Dunwiddit. Obie Dee for short.


You need something regal.....


Daniel "the reason why he has to Weasel cigars" 

You want regal? German for prince is Furst... and this is your...

Boy, named Sylvester Van Schwartzenegger Seagal Chan Heston, so he has the toughest name ever and no kid will mess with him.

You for got "Chuck" for a nickname!  

Congrats and pray everything goes well throughout. A boy named Jeremy.

it is going to be a girl, and you will call her Eve.

I love all the comments so far!  Thank you all for participating!  Keep'em coming!

Our first reflex was totally Chalupa Batman, just so you know.

A girl, Elizabeth Jade. Congrats to the parents to be. A magical time.



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