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             (1) Ashton ESG 22 Year Salute

             (1) Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig

             (1) Four Kicks Mule Kick

             (1)  Liga Privada Dirty Rat

             (1)  Opus X XXX

             (1)  Liga Privada No. 9

             (1)  Padron 1964 Anniversary

             (1)  Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project

             (1)  Headley Grange

             (1) CyB Cuenca y Blanco

Timeframe: Drawing will be held 8/19/13.

Awesome! These will fill out a collection nicely!

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Damn, nice haul. Gotta get in on that.

I will DEFINITELY be jealous of whoever wins these! I'd even be jealous of myself, if I won. lmao

Anyone on here wins this, they must post smug, satisfied pics of themselves smoking each one.

This is a great idea!

Oh, I'LL do it. CF tshirt and a big smoke-pouring, shit-eating grin on my face with every one of them.

Winner - Entry #357John M.

Boo! Very jealous! Congrats!



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