Damn Stefan turned me on to Sours and now I am hooked.  AND it is that time of the year!!  So, I have a decent selection of cigars that I would like to trade for Sours!  Hit me up, let's get it done and help me enjoy beer from all over the states!!


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Ha! I make life difficult for everybody!

I'll be your huckleberry man.

Haha, I've been drinking Gose and Sours like crazy lately.  Such a great change of pace beer and much more refreshing than an IPA in the warm months.  I can probably set something up with ya. 

You must stop drinking, shad!!!! haha

Savannah has 4 breweries, two of which always make a sour, and two that it depends on their mood. Three distribute, one is growlers only. If you're interested, let me know. And if you can't get it, I can always get Terrapin, Red Hare, etc. Terrapin makes a bad ass sour every year. 

I have acces to a treehouse native 2...what kind of hops can you access for trade?
Wyoming sage brush? Just kidding - I have access to pretty much anything brewed in Colorado.
Man we had an epic share July 4 and drank it up.. sorry man thanks anyhow
I'll keep my eyes open (for us both) not sure I can get anything you can't. Our local breweries don't package many sours.



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