Intro: 40 has been my nick name forever from drinking 40s back in the day. Been smoking since the 90s. Love everything for a particular time and place Monte 2 and party d4/p2 and my father are some favorites. Whiskey motorcycles (Busa) guns music are some of my other hobbies. Look forward to hangin out

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Welcome, Brotha!  based on that list of hobbies, you're gonna fit right in... glad to have you here!

Glad to have you join! Looking forward to you contributing...


Forty - Glad to finally have you on the Fed!  Welcome to the club!

Welcome 40!!


Kinda late but welcome.

Thanks guys still trying to get used to the navigation I see there's a difference in posting to a thread or replying to one statement within the thread thus making a sub thread I guess lol



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