We have 6 more episodes to go before IPCPR... who would you guys like to see on the show?  I'm working with a bunch of potential guests, but I'm curious who you'd like to see.

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Dion Giolito, aka Illusione Cigars. 

Also, how bout a retailer, manufacturer, and CRA and/or IPCPR representatives all on the same show to have a round table discussion, of sorts, about the FDA. 

Dion would be great!

Michael Cudlitz

Make it happen 


Someone from the FDA

This - http://halfwheel.com/prototype-super-unknown-prerelease/116969 Prototype

Nabil Sabbah (Elogio) - I just wonder. A company with great cigar releases. Elogio could have taken off, it didn't die off, he seems content with lurking in the obscure shadows of a very select few retailers. Also he owns a retail shop.

Max Fernandez (Aganorsa/TABSA) - The dirty side of it all. The farming, curing, blending, rolling, the dirty stuff before they put a band on it. I like hearing about this side of it. It might make for a non exciting show but very informative for those who want to know more about it.

Abe Flores (PDR)

George Rico (Gran Habano)

The Szczepankewicz Brothers - Powstanie/Cigar Hustler/ and the Distribution thing they got

Thanks Garron

Robert Caldwell

Island Jim

Reggie Freeman, Prendelo



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