As much as I'd like to pick a lighter, I have to go with my Xikar V-cutter (soon to be surpassed by my cool Colibri V-cutter).

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I've always thought that was a great design on the xikar ashtray.  I don't own one buy have come close to grabbing one several times

I think its worth it!

I'll probably grab one when the weather warms up next year

My Vector Diesel lighter, I've had it almost five years and still works like a champ.
I love my Xikar single flame Allume. It's not perfect (heats up when toasting rgs over 50) but it's my go-to lighter. Doesn't scorch the cigar when toasting and is precise and small. Perfect for touch-ups. I've had it replaced several times because I'm a little hard on it, so that's another reason I'm a fan.

I love my toys, but my favorite is my Xikar Enigma dual torch. Looks nice, toasts nice, and is still small enough for touch ups without scorching everything.

I don't have any nifty toys yet.... any lighter that is reliable is good for me.

EDIT - just remembered about my reversible shiny red fighting dragons smoking jacket with skull buttons... kicks ass, always get compliments on it.

I have plenty of nice lighters and cutters, but I ALWAYS keep a drywall screw with me to help nub a great cigar.
My Fuente huge ashtray is making me very happy. I didn't have an ashtray before besides a small one that didn't do the job. Having used the Fuente one (We Will Never Rush the Hands of Time) over and over at my favorite BnM, I finally picked one up and am very happy with it.



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