As much as I'd like to pick a lighter, I have to go with my Xikar V-cutter (soon to be surpassed by my cool Colibri V-cutter).

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Xikar lighters double flame for big gars and single for the little ones and Colibri V for just about every cigar I smoke.

I have still never tried a V-cutter. I do have a couple nice ash trays, and you need a good torch lighter. But I'm going to go with the wood cigar stand, that was made for me by a good BOTL.

Pics of that bad boy?

Jon, I love my Colibri, but be advised it cuts DEEP! Sometimes too deep. 

Getting my lands on the new Lotus Jaws v-cutter this week. Goes up to 64 ring gauge.


You can never go too deep.

Any lighter that works.  Seriously, as long as it works, I'm cool with it.  I suppose lighters that are pocket friendly are preferred.  ;)

Picked up the Colibri V cutter a few months ago and have been almost using it exclusively since I got it.  I've got around 18 cutters/scissors and usually randomly grab different ones as I like to alternate.  But since getting the Colibri, it has been dominating my pocket and it blows away the xikar v cutter (to me) as I love the deeper cut, added weight and spring action operation when compared directly to the xikar v cutter.

Love the V cutter

I'm with you. 

I've got a lot of Xikar cutters/lighters and I want to say to the Carbon Fiber Phantom Xi3 is my favorite. It's my favorite looking but in terms of everything I think I have to go with my Xikar Patio Set Ashtray, which is essentially an Essence ashtray but has different writing on it. That little pocket is useful and when I use a different ashtray I see just how much I take the Xikar for granted.



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