This cigar was gone at a blink of an eye.  Did the entire reported production of 13,500 cigars sell out or was this cigar under produced?  My B&M ordered a couple of months ago but still doesn't have any. I sent a couple of emails through the Illusione website inquiring about the cigar but did not receive a response.

Anyone one know what happened?

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Glad I was able to get some. Ive only smoked one out of the ones I ordered but either everything aligned and was one with the universe which made it taste as amazing as it did or its just a perfect cigar. Either way it's one, if not the best, cigar I've ever smoked.

Wow. Okay, APKen, that's a strong enough statement for me to line one of mine up for the next week. I'm also glad I was able to pick these up when they arrived in that blink of an eye. I am less excited that I closed my humidor lid on one of them and crushed the first third. 

That's nice to hear Ken...glad you enjoyed that bad boy..  Sam, light one up!!  Hearing from the small few that have some of these is as close as the rest of us will get to this cigar.  Lol.



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