This cigar was gone at a blink of an eye.  Did the entire reported production of 13,500 cigars sell out or was this cigar under produced?  My B&M ordered a couple of months ago but still doesn't have any. I sent a couple of emails through the Illusione website inquiring about the cigar but did not receive a response.

Anyone one know what happened?

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No idea. I know small batch got a few boxes, but they were gone fast. One of my local shops got a whopping total of two boxes, which, he said, we're gone in a day. Other than that I haven't heard bupkus. You could try calling fumare, see what they tell you.

I haven't really looked for them, but I also haven't seen them while shopping.  I remember you guys being psyched for them, only to watch them be gone before they were even available.  Very odd.

I've been running a search every couple weeks since March and haven't seen anything except that first shipment at SBC. I was lucky enough to grab a fiver from them but was hoping to get another at some point. I've been resisting the urge to smoke them in case I can't get any more. 

Another CFed member and I have been texting about this same question for months.

I asked SBC about it on March 3rd, and this was what Andrew told me:

Everything we had sold out rather quickly. I know they didn't have anymore and only shipped what we ordered at the show. It was probably made to order as many companies are trying to do now with limited edition so they don't have to sit on anything.

I also emailed "ask halfwheel" with the same question this week.

Thanks guys. Great info Sam.

SBC had them for 2-3 days...

My local shop always gets them too but have not either. The cigar was late...what I was told is Dion released what was made/ready to ship and still has more accounts to fill.

Dion just replied to me on Twitter by saying, "We are shipping them." Your guess is as good as mine with respect to when, but there are more coming.
Thanks Stefan!
Finally an answer!

Indeed Jeff.  I'm almost annoyed enough to not buy these when they become available...almost (lol)

I'm with you - I need to smoke one to see if my frustration outweighs how good they are. Definitely not a "customer centric" approach to leave everyone hanging for months and then simply say "they're coming".

I'm right with you.  My two emails to them on the topic several weeks ago (and a few weeks between emails) went unanswered but my only other email to them last year was answered within 1 day.



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